Adjustable Beds – All the Upgrading Your Life Needs

When it’s time for a health upgrade we often consider adopting a new healthy diet or habit. Similarly, a financial upgrade is mostly surrounded by investing in new assets.

Then why does our sleep upgrade rely on the same old mattress-styled beds?

There was a time when the only place we could find an adjustable bed was in a hospital. And that is the sole reason why many of us still remain oblivious to the difference that an automatic bed can provide to our snores, falsely comparing them with the same hospital bed.

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Believe it or not, they are the next big thing!

With all the science infused in making a well-engineered adjustable bed, it can enable you to control and tweak your sleeping position. Consequently, which will help you to have a longer, restful sleep, helping you sleep snore-less and if you’re married, then probably providing great relief to save your marriage!

  • Provide the user with the best choice of comfort

An adjustable bed lets you get rid of fluffing up your pillows and squishing in your cushions for better headrest to watch television, work on your laptop in bed or in middle of the night for better sleep. With the options on the remote control of your adjustable bed, you just have to push a button to raise the head side of the bed to suit your level of comfort.

  • Super Easy to Use

All adjustable beds come with a handy remote control which will (depending on the bed) either be cordless or connected to the side of the bed. The remote control has buttons to perform each function such as; raising the head of the bed, or the foot side of the bed. In addition; beds with split mattresses often come with two separate remotes to control the position of two mattresses independently to suit you and your partner’s needs accordingly.

  • Often has a Relaxing Massage Option

Some of those adjustable beds have an option for a lovely massage on their remote control, which may help you to relax after a busy day at work, helping you to have some quality sleep.

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Useful tips for the right adjustable bed to suit your needs

  1. Check for the jerkiness and smoothness

Since you’re investing a decent amount of your savings so take your time at the store, lay in bed and try each function of the adjustable bed remote control has. Ask tons of questions to the sales person and check for the bed to move quickly or slowly on the push of the button. Are the motions jerky or smooth? Does the shifting of the bed make noise or operates quietly?

  1. Designing of the bed

A good designing and engineering of bed comprise of finishing in edges, seams, use of solid materials, smooth joints and durability of the power mattress. And while you’re already thinking about all the science went into the designing of your mattress, check for its lumbar support aligning with your spine and your personal design aesthetic requirement. Since function value for money, but style matters too!

  1. More the features, better the experience

An adjustable bed will have a basic function to operate the head rest and foot of the mattress. More sophisticated and well-designed, adjustable bed also accounts for features such as massages with an option of time and levels, improvised neck support, easy to use and wireless remote control, handy charging stations for your smartphones and an option to set multiple programs to run at specific times. However, it’s your responsibility to check for the smoothness of operation and that these reclining functions are comfortable for your good night’s rest.

  1. The company making your bed

Since adjustable beds are a rising trend, many companies invest in it to make a quick profit. It fairly depends on your homework to avoid them since buying a power bed with all these features is now as complex as buying a car. Hence you need to be sure, that the company you’re buying from has a positive reputation in the market for electric beds warranties, after sales services the company is ready to provide (of setting up the bed, helping you with the operations, etc.) and their return policies. A good company will clearly mention its policies of labour hours and warranties. Buying an adjustable bed is a tricky process hence those few minutes at the store would not help you decide that it eases your back pain after sleeping in it for hours. Hence make sure you read the return policy of your purchase in case you may want to invest in an alternative sleeping arrangement.

Our 5 top picks for Best Adjustable Beds

  1. Nectar Mattress and Adjustable Bed Frame: Nectar Beds are the best for Alleviating Sleep-Related issues. It has a three-zone massage function, an adjustable mattress with zero gravity setting, wireless remote control with USB plugs and a return policy till 100 nights.

Source: Nectar

  1. Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed: Reverie Beds are best for Relaxation with simple to operate the remote control, above 8 massage options, fully adjustable with lumbar support and a high-end mattress within an affordable budget.

Source: Reverie

  1. Tomorrow Sleep Adjustable Bed: Tomorrow Sleep Beds are best for mattress comparability. They offer built-in USB ports, the option of zero gravity setting, a unique option of anti-snore setting and a 365-night’s sleep trail policy to decide the purchase.

Source: Tomorrow Sleep

  1. Amerisleep Adjustable Bed: Amerisleep are considered as the best Eco-Friendly Adjustable Beds. Since they offer a wide range of beds with 20-year warranty policies. In addition, split bed option is ideal for you and your partner, a wide range of options with respect to the firmness of the mattress, under-bed lighting and a full-body wave massage.

Source: Amerisleep

  1. Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0: Leggett beds are best High-End Adjustable Beds. These beds come with two wireless remotes, smooth and quiet motor performance, under-bed lighting, built-in USB ports and a policy of 25-year warranty.

Source: Leggett & Platt Prodigy


Getting the right adjustable bed basically means you have to cross off few things from your checklist; first take your time to do your homework and get the background information you need, choose the features which you prefer in your bed and the budget which provides you value for your money. In the end you compare a variety of models and deals to choose the best one! This way, you’ll sleep in peace knowing that you have done all that you can to make this investment a profitable one.