Are Luxury Mattress Worth Your Money

Nothing is deadlier than sleeping in a bad non-luxurious mattress; your body shifts in unnatural positions, your back strains, and you wake up with sore muscles and start worrying you’re falling into depression. It’s worse if you feel drowsy during peak hours of your day when you should be doing the most. Argh!
The truth is, getting a good night’s rest is unfathomable- it results in an energetic body, fresh mind, and the best health which are key prerequisites to utilize your skills in the competitive world.
This boils down to the quality and construction of your bed so, why not splurge in making your sleep a luxurious experience since you spend most of your time in it?
Here are the key details luxury mattress companies factor in to craft outstanding mattresses:
First Class Comfort
Luxury mattresses are incredibly comfortable, enjoyable, and elegant in a manner involving great expense. They have unique upholstery layers, fabric covering and coils, distinguishing them from regular mattresses.

  • Upholstery layer– Luxury mattresses come with a memory foam providing extra support, comfort and they’re meticulously crafted with wadding materials under their outer covers.
  • Coil– To complement offset coils, luxury mattresses have encased coils, wrapped in textile materials advocated for by sleep experts to reduce motion of transfer.
  • Fabric cover– luxury mattresses are crafted from polyester along with additional materials like cotton, silk, and rayon, sewn with the utmost care and looking aesthetically attractive.

Sense of Exclusivity

You often get a sense of exclusivity with luxurious items you purchase, and a luxurious mattress is no exception. Unlike jewelry bags or designer clothes, you can’t brag with this mattress, but you’ll enjoy its immense benefits. And you can complement its sense of exclusivity by purchasing luxury mattress toppers which are quite affordable and offer the luxurious feeling too.

No Cost Cutting

Manufacturers splurge on the best materials and narrow down into small details when designing luxury mattress for consumers who find it essential to invest in it. They design the best beds without compromising quality and being concerned about luxury mattress price.
Here are the common types of luxury mattresses in the market today:

  • Latex mattresses– Latex is derived from the sap of a rubber tree, and it comes with pressure relief effects and health benefits, attributing why an eco-luxury latex mattress is costly.
  • Memory foam mattresses– This category suits anyone seeking to relieve pressure from body aches and pains.
  • Hybrid mattress– Luxury Innerspring Mattress fused with foams like memory or latex.
  • Latex Mattresses plus Memory Foam– The layers of these mattresses consist of latex and memory foam.

So, what are the best luxury mattresses?

Leesa Best Bed-in-a-box-type


  • Attractive aesthetics and recognizable design
  • Cooling effect
  • Three premium foam layers
  • Manufactured in the USA

Leesa is a soft foam luxury mattress in a box with a simple yet effective construction catering to several sleeping positions. It comes with three layers of foam: the 2” LSA foam, 2” Memory Foam, 6” Support Foam. The top layer, 2” LSA foam, is a modern type of foam unique to Leesa and it’s breathable, responsive yet pressure relieving.
Next is the transition layer of memory foam that serves dual purposes: it caters to pressure relief for side sleepers and inhibits you from feeling the dense support foam. This model is super easy to recognize with its four-stripe cover, seamless and lacking tapered edges.
Compared to great models like the purple mattress, the Leesa weighs less, so it’s a great fit if you’re planning on moving out soon. It has a soft-foam feel more like Casper or Yoga bed mattress, and yes, it gives you the benefit of its memory foam though you may never really feel it. But if you prefer something new or a more luxurious traditional foam feel, go for Leesa Best-in-a-box mattress.

Leesa Mixed Foam Mattress
Premium foams for cooling, contouring and pressure-relieving support

Leesa Mixed Foam Mattress Highlights

Brand: Leesa
Mattress Firmness: Medium/5
Mattress Construction Type: Foam
Mattress Thickness: 10″
Compatible for Bed Frame Size: Twin, Twin XL,Full, Queen, King, California King
Mattress Sleep Trial Time: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Delivery: Free shipping and returns
Perfect For: Side,Back,Stomach sleeper
Customer Rating: 4.3/5.0


Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam


  • Gel-infused memory foam for cooling and comfort
  • Lacks harmful substances
  • Three layers
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions

The sweetnight memory foam mattress comes with gel infusion for boosting air circulation resulting in cooler nights while sleeping. It’s a two-sided mattress with varying densities on both sides, and you can purchase it in California King, Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, and Queen sizes.
It comes with three distinct layers plus an elegant knitted cover. And depending on your sleeping position, here’s how these three layers will boost your sleep:

  • 1st layer– It has a cloudy soft feel and features a 2-inch foam with gel infusion solving ‘sleep hot” complaints rampant in memory foam mattresses.
  • 2nd layer– This layer does the magic; it’s a 5-inch comfort foam with 3-zone engineering design and its foot and head section offer a medium-firm feel while the middle region offers a firm density. It provides extra support to your thigh and lumbar region for perfect balance.
  • Support layer– Besides supporting your weight, this three-inch high-density layer holds the two layers above in place. It even offers a gentle balance resulting in an even sleeping surface.

So far, the sweetnight memory foam has an outstanding heat dissipation, back support, and suits all sleeping positions due to its flexibility. On a comfort scale, it has a medium-firm which can be flipped and rotated. And another key aspect of it is the absence of toxic substances. You can purchase some bedding toppers to complement the design of this unique luxury gel mattress.

King Koil Luxury Air Mattress


  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof quilt on top
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced airbed technology
  • California King-sized

King Koil is a mattress brand renowned for its memory foam and luxury innerspring mattresses. They make durable, easy-to-use beds elevating your sleeping experience by fostering good posture and providing back support.
It comes with a built-in air pump, waterproof comfort quilt top, elevated construction plus other additional features, far from being your next cheap, regular and luxury inflatable mattress. Its coil beam construction is quite efficient and fosters proper weight distribution.

Its comforter offers a mild mold aiding to relieve pressure points, and while it may not do a great job, it will outperform several air mattresses available on the market. Its thick waterproof comforter is quilted and tailored towards providing you with superior and extended spinal support.
It’s packed with features which are appealing, though it’s not great for prolonged use as it can result in posture issues. It’s also not your go-to option if you’re seeking a bed-frame mattress. However, the King Koil mattress is still undeniable affordable and delivers tremendous value for your cash.

Imagine getting a luxurious mattress and having pain free sleep because it firmly holds your spine in a straight line throughout your night. Imagine having regular deep sleep ensuring your mood is relaxed and you no longer have to worry about your stress level rising.
Imagine waking up from a luxurious mattress, feeling reenergized to tackle a hectic day ahead. Yes, luxurious mattresses offer diverse firmness level, extravagant fabrics, decorated appearances, and temperature maintenance suiting different body needs.
And they’re long-lasting and come with expensive add-ons, rarely smelling awful from off-gassing associated with expensive regular mattresses. The best part? Several brands offer up to 60 days trial offer- enough to “test drive” a bed and decide if it’s a great fit.
To save you the hassle of going through several picks in the market, our guide above has every nitty-gritty you should heed to and get the best pick. Every luxury mattress above has unique and common features so countercheck if it perfectly blends with your needs.