Bedroom Design for A Good Sleep

Whether you live in a large house or a small apartment, the most private space is the one that you will also spend the largest single proportion of your time in- your bedroom. Creating an intimate and soothing space should be a priority when arranging and decorating your home. Taking care to make this secluded space one in which you will be relaxed and content will turn your whole home into a more welcoming place.

Pick Your Color!
Your bedroom is not going to be on display to every casual visitor, so feel free to make this room a true expression of your personal taste. Start with color! Do you love purple? Choose a shade that speaks to you, whether it’s a rich eggplant or delicate lavender, and swathe the walls with it. Or maybe you prefer a pale pink, eggshell blue, or fresh, grassy green- don’t let your choice be swayed by what’s in fashion, but rather what soothes your soul, because you’re the one who will be waking up to it every morning.

Choosing the Bed
Bedroom furniture laout always needs to start with the essential piece- the bed. There’s no excuse for skimping on this purchase. A good night’s sleep will have you refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Pay as much as you can afford for the best mattress possible, and then consider the bed frame that will best suit your decorating style.
There’s a wide style of beds available, from traditional wood four-posters to sleek, modern, metal frames. Where you’ve got lots of room, you can opt for an ultra-wide king-size bed, while in smaller spaces a traditional double bed or even a twin may be all you have room for. In multi-use small apartments or tiny houses, many people opt for beds that can fold out of the way, or sofas that convert to beds when it’s time to sleep.
Many beds also do double-duty as storage spaces! Whether you’ve got roll-out drawers underneath, or a platform that lifts up to reveal storage beneath the mattress, taking advantage of that extra space can make a big difference in a small home.

Arranging Your Bedroom
Place your bed where you will feel the most secure and private, preferably not in the direct view of the door. If your window looks out on a pleasant view, arranging the room so that you can look out as you wake up is a lovely touch.
Of course, if you’re living in a one-room studio apartment, you don’t have the luxury of a separate sleeping space. You can still create a feeling of security and privacy with floor-to ceiling curtains or folding screens to partition off an alcove for your bed. Even if the bed doubles as a sofa during the day, creating a cozy cocoon at night can make your sleep time more serene.

Control the Clutter
It can be difficult to keep clutter from accumulating in the bedroom, whether it’s clothing, books, or even office paraphernalia. All of these things can interfere with establishing a soothing environment to encourage a good night’s sleep. An ideal bedroom space would have just a bed, a table with a good light, and maybe a comfortable chair, but few of us are lucky enough to be able the achieve that degree of simplicity, as our bedrooms inevitably take on a multitude of roles.
Still, aim for as uncluttered a space as possible. If you don’t have a separate dressing room or walk-in closet, or even a built-in clothes closet in the bedroom, try hanging a curtain across one wall, with a clothes rod and shelves behind it, so that the visual clutter of your wardrobe is kept to a minimum.
If your bedroom is also your home office, keep the desk as small as possible, and make sure you’ve got some drawers to stow away paperwork so that it’s not creating a mess.
Use the space under the bed to store out-of-season clothing or luggage, as well as extra bed linens. If they show, wicker baskets will both look decorative and keep your things organized, while lidded plastic tubs will keep out dust and can be hidden by a bedskirt.

Once you’ve painted your walls, bought your bed, and organized your possessions, you should have a welcoming retreat where you will be able to enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep. You deserve it!