Buddy’s Home Furnishings in FAIRBURN

Buddy’s Home Furnishings Contact Info:

Store: Buddy’s Home Furnishings
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 5788 Fairburn Rd, Douglasville, GA 30134, USA
Phone: +1 770-577-0772
Website: buddyrents.com
Zipcode: 57738
States: South dakota
Open Time: Tuesday 10AM–7PM
Wednesday 10AM–7PM
Thursday 10AM–7PM
Friday 10AM–7PM
Saturday 10AM–6PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 10AM–7PM

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Sleepy’s Basic Firm Innerspring Mattress Review


Listen, if you're like me, you need a firm committment, and that's exactly what you get with Sleepy's Basic 8.25" Firm Innerspring Mattress. No gimmicks, no flash, just a tried and true strength that supports you through the long winter nights. You think a pansy plush hybrid mattress is going to hold you up like that? No sis, he's gonna sink on you eventually. Do yourself a favor and level up to this bad boy. He'll do you right.-Johanna H


First day it was comfortable until the next morning when the sheets kept pulling off the corners and my fiancé and I started sinking into the middle of the mattress. The sheets will not stay on. We've tried straps, different sheets, everything. We've even researched ways to keep sheets on. Nothing seems to work. We keep sagging in the middle. I dislike this mattress very much. Much regret.-April Stovall