Creative Finishes in GRAND JUNCTION

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Store: Creative Finishes
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 230 E Lynwood St, Grand Junction, CO 81503, USA
Phone: +1 970-640-2639
Zipcode: 38039
States: Tennessee
Open Time:

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Christeli Versailles Memory Foam Mattress Review

Great customer service and responsiveness

Great customer service and responsiveness. The mattress is perfect for us. At first I was worried that it would be too firm, but over the first week or so it softens a bit. We love our mattress. It's really comfortable. Haven't noticed any issues with feeling overheated. The pillows are really nice and great quality too. Versailles is medium firm. I'm a side and back sleeper which works well for the firmness. No complaints.-Irene A


This mattress is so beautiful and feels so good underneath you. It's not like a mass-produced item. The materials they make it with are very nice and you can feel how natural it is. But the 7-inch was a little too thin. It's great for a guest bedroom or kids. I went ahead and purchased the Versailles and I'm eagerly awaiting it.-Robert G