Island Bedding in FREEPORT

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Store: Island Bedding
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 211 E Merrick Rd, Freeport, NY 11520, USA
Phone: +1 516-868-4330
Zipcode: 32439
States: Florida
Open Time:

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Sleep Innovation Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress Review

First Impressions Weren't Good, But Got (Much) Better

This will be a multi-entry review. This is the first (which will cover delivery, installation, and first impressions). Initial Review : The shipping carrier delivered this and manhandled the box to the door. The box says it's a two-person operation, but the driver was by himself so he did the best he could. Not only did he do fairly well, but the mattress was protected with a box liner within the outer box. The liner saved the mattress as the shipping box took quite a beating in transit. Following instructions, we (my wife and I) man-handled the mattress to the bedroom and carefully removed the plastic (tarp-like) restraining band, as well as the plastic bag the mattress is vacuum-packed in. Unlike other foam mattresses we have owned (such as the DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen) this mattress did not come rolled; instead, it came folded (like an accordion). —X. Fossor

Like This Bed, But Edges Still Won't Lay Down

So after a ton of research online about foam mattresses and being really sure we didn't want to buy at a big-box store, my husband and I set out to review all our options. We finally narrowed it down to this mattress and another. We pulled the trigger and ordered this for our master bedroom. Once it was delivered, we unpackaged it on the bed and left it alone for 48 hours per recommendation for it to expand. It took almost perfect shape within 12 hours fully probably, but we wanted to wait to make sure. This has been a few months now that we've been sleeping on it and my only complaint is that it still curves up on all the edges. It's not too apparent when it's made, but when it's just the sheet or stripped for washing you can tell it looks like a wide "U". I haven't noticed that it forces us to slip to the middle or anything like that. My husband (with preference for soft) and myself (preference for hard) like it a lot. You can't do the wine glass at the end of the bed while jumping trick on this one, though. You can most certainly feel when someone enters or leaves the bed - or even rolls over heavily. We haven't noticed any issues other than the shape though. There was no smell or discoloration whatsoever. I want to give it more time to make sure that this will be our permanent mattress and not get shoved to the guest room, but for now it seems to work great for us. I will note, you will need deeper sheets for this bed. We have two standard queen set sheets that do not stretch to fit this bed!—Rachel Handing