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Store: JCPenney
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 922 River Falls St, Andalusia, AL 36420, USA
Phone: +1 334-222-8484
Zipcode: 36053
States: Alabama
Open Time: Saturday 9AM–8PM
Sunday 12–5PM
Monday (Labor Day) 9AM–7PM Hours might differ
Tuesday 9AM–7PM
Wednesday 9AM–7PM
Thursday 9AM–7PM
Friday 9AM–7PM





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Sleep Number 360® c2 Foam Smart Bed Review

Love the side button for favorite and flat

My husband and I already own a sleep number bed we bought years ago and wanted our boys to also enjoy them. We just bought them the 360 C2 Smart Bed and they both have the memory foam pad to add more cushion. I slept in the bed while one of the boys was away and it is so comfortable. I love the button on the side for flat or favorite. It is simple to make the bed or change the sheets. We are going to get the brackets they sell to attach to the bed so we can keep their existing headboards which match their furniture. My 13 and 15 year old son are so excited to get these beds. Now they can sit comfortably and read or play video games. No need to buy that extra chair for their room. This bed acts as a chair, lounger, and bed. My 13 year old son fight allergies terribly. He woke up with a clear head from a great night sleep and has a timer to switch to flat. Nightlight under the bed is very convenient with low light option since they share a room. —TiffanySleepsWell

Achieved good sleeping and less back pain

This bed meet my sleep expiations and I like the comfort I get through the night. I am not happy with the technology of the bed to track my sleep. after calling the support line there is still issues with the bed recording and displaying sleep information. —Thomas-L