Lowe’s Family Center #27 in CLARENDON

Lowe’s Family Center #27 Contact Info:

Store: Lowe’s Family Center #27
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 401 W 2nd St, Clarendon, TX 79226, USA
Phone: +1 806-874-3164
Website: acehardware.com
Zipcode: 79226
States: Texas
Open Time: Wednesday 7:30AM–9PM
Thursday 7:30AM–9PM
Friday 7:30AM–9PM
Saturday 7:30AM–9PM
Sunday 7:30AM–9PM
Monday 7:30AM–9PM
Tuesday 7:30AM–9PM

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Amerisleep AS3 Memory Foam Mattresses Review

Excellent memory foam mattress

The AS3 comfort level is ideal; not too soft, not too firm. The mattress has very good motion stability with little or no movement disturbance. We see no decline in durability, but it remains to be seen what the lifespan is as we have had the mattress less than three months. Overall, we are very pleased with choosing the AS3 and at this time highly recommend it.—Sig. New York

Very happy with our purchase!

A great mattress! Definitely important to give it a few weeks to break in and for your body to adjust before making a final decision. Hard to know how it's going to feel sight unseen and untested so this was a leap for us. It is a little firmer than we expected and can't help but wonder if one step less firm would be better but also worry it could be too soft. It is actually quite comfortable and has helped overall sleep quality and back pain significantly. It is quite responsive and adjusts quickly when I change positions (unlike our previous mattress). I can feel it giving where it needs to give and supporting the normal contours of my body at the same time. So far not sleeping too hot which was a concern for me. Will definitely buy Amerisleep again.—Dave. Illinois