Luft Hybrid Mattress Review

firm but like a cloud

I researched so much before pulling the trigger! We have been using the bed about 2 weeks now and so far its one of my most favorite purchases I have made! It holds you firmly but feels like tiny clouds are all over the bed! I love the thickness and the fact that it has springs and makes it slightly bouncy! Way better than those temperpedic beds you just sink into in my opinion. I had one for about 9 years and won’t go back! –Bonnie C


We tried a memory foam mattress, but it was not that comfortable and left me with a sore back. After doing some homework, and figuring that we slept on our sides usually, we tried this one. It’s been a month and we are very happy with it. Costs a bit more than the memory foam. The price is similar to other higher end mattresses (not the most expensive, though). We didn’t try the direct competitors, but we’re very happy with this one. –Aaron H

Amazing !

We initially got a nectar matress which was too firm for me. Too firm to the point where I’d wake up in the middle of the night to readjust. When switching to the luft luxury firm and I’m in heaven ! Firm to the point where I feel supported but so soft that i feel hugged. My fiance thought the nectar was softer but i feel like that depends on how you sleep. I’m a belly and occasional side sleeper while he is a back sleeper. He does sleep sound though. Best sleep I’ve gotten In a long time ! –Alexis R