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Store: Mattress Firm Monroe
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 215 Larkin Dr, Monroe, NY 10950
Located in: Harriman Commons
Phone: (845) 782-4770
Zipcode: 12533
States: New York
Open Time: Saturday 10AM–9PM
Sunday 10AM–7PM
Monday 10AM–9PM
Tuesday 10AM–9PM
Wednesday 10AM–9PM
Thursday 10AM–9PM
Friday 10AM–9PM





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Zinus Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Review

Love at First Sleep

I was in a major accident and have severe arm/shoulder pain that will never go away. It is very difficult to get comfortable and I often awake during the night due to shoulder pain. My thought was to try a memory foam mattress in order to alleviate some of the pain in my shoulder I wake with every morning. While a certain level of pain will always be present, I noticed a difference from the first night. I slept great and I slept the entire night. When I woke up in the morning, I didn't have to do the funky yoga-type contorted role out of bed because of my shoulder pain. I have only been using this mattress for about a week, but so far there are no regrets. And as a bonus, the 'better half' mentioned he enjoyed the new mattress, as well. So for me, choosing Zinus has been a win-win! Thank you so much for making such an awesome product!-ChristineBooks

I'm in love!!

I seriously am so impressed with this mattress. After sleeping on my friend's tempurpedic mattress, I felt like I needed my own memory foam mattress. I got the 10" queen mattress, and it is seriously amazing. I have had it for a little over a month, and it is the best mattress I've ever had. For $287 it is such a steal!! If you are a young grad student like me and on a budget, but also appreciate comfort I would highly recommend this mattress. Also, I did order a couch from them and it was very nice, as well. I ended up returning it (such an easy process) because I found one on here that better matched my apartment.-Shannah Daymude

Great Mattresses

I bought two of these mattresses, a queen and a full, for my guest rooms when updating some furniture. I fully expected to get what I paid for with this product, a mediocre mattress that would do the job, no more, no less. I was very wrong... I never intended to sleep on these, so I was just waiting to hear the opinion of a relative or in-law. To my surprise, my mother, step-dad, aunt, and uncle all woke up the day after Thanksgiving and asked my wife and I where we had got these mattresses. They all said that was nearly the most comfortable mattress that they had ever slept on. A while later I purchased one more of these to put in my downstairs guest room and my wife and I wanted to see if they were telling the truth or just throwing compliments our way. To our surprise, we had some of the best sleep ever... granted, I love my King Original Mattress Co European plush top mattress, but for the price, the Zinus cannot be beat. This is simply a spectacular product.-Church87