There is a variety of mattresses available out there that cater custom needs of every individual. With a wide range of mattresses from foam to spring to gel to pillow tops, it gets a little difficult to choose which form would suit you the best. Here’s the ultimate science of mattresses decoded to help you get the mattress that you need.


Babies spend almost all their day in their beds, so it is important to choose the right type of mattress for your baby’s crib. Foam mattresses are the lightest option and are available in multiple sizes. Look for the foam that is firm but resilient when you put weight. Extra soft foam could increase the risk of suffocation for the baby.

Organic mattress although an expensive buy is the best option when it comes to babies. They are filled with organic materials like cotton wool, organic latex, coconut fibers, and plant-based foam. Look for the ‘breathable’ property in a mattress because they allow the baby to breathe even if his/her face is pressed against it.

Awara Natural and Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress Awara Natural and Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress Highlights
"Premium GOLS-Certified organic latex"
FirmnessMedium Firm/6
CompatibleTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
Trial365 nights
DeliveryFree shipping and returns
Perfect Side,Back and Combo sleeper
Rating 4.6/5.0


Pregnancy comes with lots of changes in your body. In the first trimester, pregnant women generally feel more exhausted. This is because of lack of sleep. Since they get frequent urges to get up and empty their bladder, it’s not easy to go back to sleep in no time.

Therefore, they need a mattress that can help them during this period and a memory foam mattress could be the best pick. A memory foam mattress is specially designed to take the form of the contours of your body, providing complete rest to every part. This mattress is suitable for a sound sleep during or even after pregnancy.

Ashley Sleep Elite Memory Foam Mattress Ashley Sleep Elite Memory Foam Mattress Highlights
"Soothing gel and charcoal infused memory foam contours to your body"
Brand:Ashley Sleep
FirmnessFirm/7, Medium Firm/6.5
TypeMemory Foam
Thickness10″, 12″, 14″
CompatibleTwin, Full, Full King, Queen, California King
Trial30 nights
Warranty10 years
DeliveryFree shipping and returns
PerfectSide, Back sleeper

Any other firm mattress could also be great for pregnant women like gel foam or latex foam as they have cooling technologies.


Since sleeping hours decrease by age, many elderly seniors find it difficult to sleep. Aged people usually have back pains or joint pains so they should preferably use a firm to medium firm mattresses.

Memory foam and gel foam could be their best buy as they form the shape of their bodies. The gel foam also allows dampening motion on the bed. This characteristic is such a plus point since many elderlies are light sleepers. Some innerspring or coil mattresses that offer multiple firmness are also very beneficial for aged people and are great for lower back pain.

Brentwood Home Cypress Bamboo Gel Foam Mattress Brentwood Home Cypress Bamboo Gel Foam Mattress Highlights
"All foam mattress with bamboo-derived cover"
Brand:Brentwood Home
FirmnessMedium/5, Medium Firm/6.5
TypeLatex and Pocketed coils
CompatibleTwin,Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, Canifornia King
Trial120 nights
Warranty25 years Limited
DeliveryFree shipping and returns
PerfectSide, Back sleeper


People with disabilities find it hard to sleep as their bodies miss out on the sense’s others have. To improve their sleeping patterns, they should choose the mattresses apt for their needs. Too hard or too soft mattresses disturb the natural alignment of bones and are bad for everyone.

Spring mattresses are great for people with scoliosis. For muscle pains and spasms, memory foam is the best option. For people who are visually impaired, latex foam or memory foam mattress is most apt as they don’t make the noise that is common in spring mattress, airbeds, and water beds.

Ashley Anniversary Edition Innerspring Mattress Ashley Anniversary Edition Innerspring Mattress Highlights
"Perfect combination of gel memory foam and the individually wrapped coils"
Brand:Ashley Sleep
FirmnessFirm/7, Medium Firm/6.5
TypePocketed coils
Thickness13″, 14″
CompatibleTwin, Full King, Queen,California King
Trial30 nights
Warranty10 years
DeliveryFree shipping and returns
PerfectSide, Stomach, Back sleeper


Lack of sleep could be a big problem. If you want to keep healthy and energetic, especially for special groups, choosing a good and comfortable mattress is an important factor. It is not easy to choose a mattress suitable for special groups. Thus  you should not only know the different materials of mattresses but also consider about their needs.