MemoryLux Memory Foam Mattress from WinkBeds Review

Pain relief post car accident

I went through a car accident that left me with several herniated disks in my back and neck. Thanks to the memory foam mattress from Winkbeds and a special memory foam pillow, I have been able to sleep pain free during the night. My physical therapists are even impressed with the rapid progress I am making, which I credit to sleeping on a great bed. (I already had the bed before the accident) –Angelica R

Do not be fooled by other online beds. WinkBeds is the best!

Amerisleep charges over $1,500 for their regular queen mattress. They should pay me $1,500 for trying their garbage mattress. It was way too firm and had to be returned. After that, I was reluctant to try another online mattress but I still didn’t watnt to pay department store prices. After some reearch into Nectr an Casper, I settled on the Winkbed. I should say “settled,” as the Winkbed has been an extraordinary find, for both its quality and pricing. $999 for a queen memory foam mattress feels like a steal in comparison to everything else. –Paula T

120 Day Warranty Makes it Easier to Try the Mattress at Home than In Store

Buying a bed online was maybe one of the weirdest but also easiest purchases I’ve ever made. I’m of the belief that a product which I am going to sleep on for years to come should be thoroughly tested and examined. So I went to several mattress stores to do my research, specifically looking for memory foam beds because of their reputation for comfort. The thing is that lying on a mattress for a few minutes here and there really didn’t help me get used to it and decide. And the prices were often exorbitant. I began to wonder if the online route might offer a better price (which it does!)…but how would I test the mattress? After doing some searching, I discovered the Winkbed. It comes with a 120 day warranty in which you can send the mattress back. This is pretty much akin to a store policy, but stores charge you more for the mattress and for return fees. After weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to try out a Winkbed memory foam mattress. I am pleased to say it was a very right decision. –Allison J