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Store: MGM Grand
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
Phone: +1 877-880-0880
Zipcode: 89177
States: Nevada
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Leesa Mixed Foam Mattress Review

Great mattress

I needed to replace my old mattress, and I heard about Leesa on a TV commercial one night (never had before that). I went on the website, read some reviews, got a great discount (plus the free shipping), and decided to give it a try. It's very comfortable- a good mix of soft and firm, which I like, and less tossing and turning than on my deteriorating old mattress. Overall, I considered it a great deal for buying online, it turned out to be very comfortable, and I've been very happy with my sleep! —Jennifer F

Love it so much

I purchased the mattress and wrestled the heavy box thru my house into my spare bedroom to open it. When I opened it I found myself loving just the unfolding of the mattress like a flower. My family helped me move it into my bedroom and replace my old innerspring mattress but at first placed it on the box spring using the cardboard box between. I realized it would be better to use a platform and once I put it on a platform it was firmer. I have loved it ever since. I do find I get a bit overheated if the weather is warm but in cold weather it actually keeps me warm. I have dealt with the overheating by using a tiny fan on my night table blowing on my head or the ceiling fan in warm weather. I find with my advanced age it cradles my body and my arthritic joints are not keeping my up at night. I am a very calm sleeper so I usually only turn over once at night and the mattress keeps me from having tender spots. The only thing I did find not with the mattress which would be helpful is how use is affecting it as I am only sleeping in one area. Putting a form in the mattress about care and such might be useful. Frequency of turning mattress, do you flip it over, how to clean if soiled. I put my mattress in a very good waterproof zipper cover to protect it as my dogs often join me to sleep. Also if you have pillows that would work well with the mattress. I definitely love my Leesa and recommend Leesa to everyone I talk to. — Gail M