Oilcloth International, Inc. in SOUTH PASADENA

Oilcloth International, Inc. Contact Info:

Store: Oilcloth International, Inc.
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 134 N Ave 61 #101, Los Angeles, CA 90042, USA
Phone: +1 323-344-3967
Website: oilcloth.com
Zipcode: 91030
States: California
Open Time: Sunday Closed
Monday 8AM–2:30PM
Tuesday 8AM–2:30PM
Wednesday 8AM–2:30PM
Thursday 8AM–2:30PM
Friday 8AM–2:30PM
Saturday Closed





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Karma Peace Innerspring Mattress Review

My dream mattress

PranaSleep Karma Peace Plush truly is a dream come true. Okay, sounds a little too cute but it really is a terrific mattress. My husband and I both like a firm but not hard mattress and usually would be scared away by "plush" in the title. In this case the plush just adds that "aaahhh" without being mushy. I have already recommended this brand/model to friends.-VALERIE B

No regret for this purchase

When I first tried out the bed, I was like this will do, firm enough to support my weight, and not sag within a year of use. It was delivered almost next day, unwrapped from its protective wrap, then dressed in the finest sheets Wayfair had. Upon laying on the mattress, I decided they had hid cinderblocks inbetween the foam. Definitely not inner peace. It does take about sixty days, and one four inch feather topper to say I have found prana sleep. When testing these beds in the store, please remember a new bed will be less giving. I do not regret my purchase now, but two months ago was a different story. It has been worth the wait.-REBECCA B