Safe Home Pest Control Inc in LAKE CLARKE

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Store: Safe Home Pest Control Inc
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 1435 Caribbean Rd E, Lake Clarke Shores, FL 33406, USA
Phone: +1 561-233-9167
Zipcode: 33406
States: Florida
Open Time:

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Duxiana DUX 1001 Hybrid Mattress Review

A reasonably expensive mattress

Dux beds are expensive but the quality of the beds is fantastic and the base/spring portion will last a lifetime. The mattress topper part does need to be replaced after years of wear, and I recently decided it was time. I called first to make sure this store had the mattress toppers in stock (they did, and put one on hold for me). I went to pick it up on the weekend - the women working couldn't have been nicer. I checked out some of the new mattresses, the bedding, and the cute dog behind the counter. When I was ready I went and brought my car around, and the two ladies loaded the mattress in the back for me. I can't imagine better customer service than that. —Kelly S. Malibu, CA

Durable item with awesome service

Colleen and Barbara are SO helpful. Our Dux bed was purchased there in 2004. We have loved the bed, but it was getting a little out of sorts, so I sent them an email asking for suggestions. They sent me back a super helpful, detailed email reminding how the bed is assembled and how to restore and how to check it to make sure all the parts are still working properly. With about an hour or so of taking it apart, following their detailed instructions, I was able to restore the function of our beloved Dux bed. This is GREAT customer service. Based on this, and our many years of happy sleeping on our Dux bed, I can't recommend them highly enough. Sure, their beds and linens are "expensive", but worth every penny! Ten years plus after purchase and they still provided an awesome experience! —Michael M. Berkeley, CA