Sleeping on Floor Mattress: What You Need to Know?

Sleeping on a floor mattress could lead to improved overall blood circulation in the entire body. So, there would be numbers of If you’re planning to purchase a floor mattress, then detailed research about the product would help a lot. So, here’s an article that could guide you as on your buying process. Read on!
How could you accommodate them if you have numbers of guests spending the night in your place? Definitely you will not send them away just because you have not enough space for them to spend the rest of the night. That’s why a great alternative should be considered. And the floor could be your greatest savior!
It is a good solution to let these guests sleep on the floor, though this kind of idea might not be that appealing for some, especially during the winter season. However, having the best floor mattress could save you from receiving negative feedback from these guests. They will surely have a comfortable night ahead.

In connection to that, you need to be knowledgeable about the floor mattress. So, let’s get started!

Should You Really Sleep On the Floor?
Sleeping on a flat surface is not recommended since it doesn’t offer any support to the skeletal structure. Though a bed is also a flat surface, there is an ergonomic mattress that makes up for it. However, the floor is usually made of hardwood or concrete and it creates excess pressure on the body. And there could be numbers of unwanted situations to experience.
Nevertheless,  it would make the sleeping on the floor a lot more comfortable with a floor mattress. Take note as well that there’s a big difference between a floor mattress and a regular mattress.
A regular mattress must be used on the bed and once used on the floor, it could lead to mildew or mold growth due to no ventilation.
On the other hand, a floor mattress offers no such issues since it has been designed to be utilized that way. The side facing the floor has adequate ventilation to prevent the growth of mildew and moisture. This kind of mattress is also thinner than the regular one and is foldable and could be stored easily once not in use.

Types of Floor Mattress
Following are some common floor mattress and a brief introduction of their davantages and disadvantages.

Folding Mattress
Also referred to as a Tri-Fold mattress, a folding mattress is the most common type which works best on the floor. Floor mattresses are usually small, portable, lightweight and much less expensive of course. You will not be required of a platform or a base and offers a non-slip bottom too, yet they work well with a folding bed too.

Lucid Folding 4″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress
Super lightweight mattress can be folded to create a sofa-style floor chair

Lucid Folding 4″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress Highlights

Brand: Lucid
Mattress Firmness: Firm/7
Mattress Construction Type: Memory Foam
Mattress Thickness: 4''
Compatible for Bed Frame Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen,King
Mattress Sleep Trial Time: 100 nights
Warranty: 3 years
Delivery: Free shipping and returns
Perfect For: Back sleeper
Customer Rating: 4.5/5.0


There are other options wherein they double up as a chair bed that is great for kids’ room and student accommodation. They usually consist of some kind of foam, but memory foam is considered as the best option.

Alwyn Home Winsor Sofa Bed Innerspring Mattress
Firm mattress made with coils innerspring support system and plush fiber

Alwyn Home Winsor Sofa Bed Innerspring Mattress Highlights

Brand: Alwyn Home
Mattress Firmness: Plush/3
Mattress Construction Type: Innerspring
Mattress Thickness: 4.5''
Compatible for Bed Frame Size: Twin, Full, Queen
Mattress Sleep Trial Time: 100 nights
Warranty: -
Delivery: Free shipping and returns
Perfect For: Side,Stomach sleeper
Customer Rating: 4.1/5.0


Roll Up Mattress
Referred to as Japanese bed or tatami floor mat, these roll-up mattresses are somewhat the same with the folding mattresses, but they could be rolled away neatly. Yes, they could also be folded, and they could resemble more of a flat quilt like nature compared to tri-fold mattress.

Gold Bond Overnighter Cotton Futon Mattress
Easy roll out sleeping surface with easy storage ability

Gold Bond Overnighter Cotton Futon Mattress Highlights

Brand: Gold Bond
Mattress Firmness: Medium Soft/4.5
Mattress Construction Type: Cotton+ Polycotton
Mattress Thickness: 3''
Compatible for Bed Frame Size: Cot
Mattress Sleep Trial Time: 30 nights
Warranty: 5 years
Delivery: Free shipping and returns
Perfect For: Side,Back sleeper
Customer Rating: 4.0/5.0


Roll Up mattresses couldn’t be used as a chair bed however they are as well compatible with folding futons and beds. They are oversized mattress pads and could even serve as a topper once needed. Still, they are more lightweight and compact than the folding mattress.
Most likely, they are made of polyester, cotton and a combination of thin layers of foam for additional comfort.
• Health benefits including less back and neck pain.
• You can also have a less risk of scoliosis which is a medical condition on where the spine is in its unnatural curve. The disappearance of back pain and joint pain is also guaranteed.
• Since the body is perfectly aligned in a natural posture, blood flow doesn’t get obstructed and so the tissue and muscles get the maximum amount of circulation.
• Cooler air is assured since you are sleeping near the floor which would make you feel good as you sleep. This will also prevent you from sweating and will benefit the respiratory system at the same time improving overall blood flow.
• Sleeping on the floor mattress could lead you to exposure to dust which accumulates on the ground. You need regular cleaning to prevent allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Indeed, inhaling dust and some other dirt particles could leave a threat to your health.
• Since there is not enough airflow, excessive heat, as well as sweat of the body, could lead the mattress to trap all the liquid and heat and so form a layer of mold inside it. And this mold could cause serious allergic reactions.
• Bed bugs might settle in and can make the mattress as their home. They could multiply and spread inside the mattress quickly.
• The cold could lead to illness and health risk once sleeping on the ground once the outside conditions are near freezing. Breathing in extremely cold air might harm your lungs and would constrict the blood flow and might lead to hypothermia.

Currently other user-friendly mattress are developed on the market like air mattress in which a pump is built, and it spends a bit of time in inflation and deflation for with a easy setup. It is also a good alternative item for camping because of storage capability and suitability to most of flat surface.

Insta Bed PVC Air Bed
Suede topped PVC mattress features a built in pump

Insta Bed PVC Air Bed Highlights

Brand: Insta Bed
Mattress Firmness: Medium Firm/6.5
Mattress Construction Type: Pump
Mattress Thickness: 18''
Compatible for Bed Frame Size:
Mattress Sleep Trial Time: 30 nights
Warranty: 1 Year
Delivery: Free shipping and returns
Perfect For: Side,Stomach, Back sleeper
Customer Rating: 4.6/5.0


Take note of these pros and cons before considering the idea of sleeping on a floor mattress.

How to Choose the Best Floor Mattress?
Now, how are you going to choose the best floor mattress? Well, there are numbers of factors that you should consider and some are the following:
• Dimensions
You should decide on the size of the mattress that you want. And this would rely more on how and who you will use the mattress. You can pick the best size based on how many people are going to sleep on the mattress.
• Thickness
Well, it is best to choose the thicker ones. But, there is as well a limit, especially with a rolling mattress. Commonly, the folding mattress comes in 4, 6 and 8 inches. It would be more comfortable if the mattress is thicker, but expect it to be a bit pricier and heavier too.
• Cover
This one is indeed a critical factor to consider. It protects the inside of the mattress. It as well keeps it both clean and free from any contamination. The cover aids in preventing allergic reactions too. You can opt the removable covers which could be unzipped for washing. While there are others that are permanently fixed. Waterproof covers are also great options.

There you have it! Those are some of the important things that you shouldn’t ignore once thinking about sleeping on the floor or being ready for numerous guests that will sleep over your place. You can find the best floor mattress in the market today by knowing exactly what you are looking for!