Best Mattress Reviews Oct.2020

Keetsa Plus Hybrid Mattress Review

So far, I am satisfied with it

So far, really good! We bought a twin size Keetsa Plus mattress for our 4 year old- his first "big boy bed". The bed was wrapped in bubble wrap, box wasn't damaged at all. We were pleasantly surprised to see that we didn't have wait 24 hour s for the bed to inflate to it's full shape. No smell, and very comfortable. Now my husband wants one for our bedroom! —Nyanza J

Good mattress for family

We recently bought the Keetsa Plus queen size mattress for our growing daughter. She had been sleeping on a much lower quality mattress until now. She tossed and turned all night long. She now sleeps peacefully and wakes up rested and ready to conquer her day! We’ve been sleeping on the same king size mattress for a couple years and LOVE it! So glad we finally made the change for her!!!!! Thank you Keetsa! —Kristin P

Flobedes Latex Mattress Review

I loved it right away!

I bought a Deluxe 12 “ queen-size, medium firm mattress, 2 Talalay pillows (high loft), the Dormeir Wool Mattress protector, and the slat foundation.

I got a notice that UPS would deliver on a particular day (about 18 days after I placed my order), so I was watching for the UPS truck. Good thing, because I saw that the driver was unloading them onto my driveway in front of the garage door instead of bringing them to the front door. I stopped him and asked that he put them in my foyer. He did. From there I was able to easily slide them across the hard floors to the master bedroom. Box #1 of 6 is clearly marked as containing the instructions. It took me about 2 hours to move the boxes and put everything together myself. I’m a 75-year-old widow not used to assembling large items. However, I found that the foundation was an engineering masterpiece. Every hole matched perfectly and no tools were required. I just had to turn the wing nuts by hand and screw on the legs. I kept referring to the instructions and even called Flobeds a couple times to confirm that I was doing the right thing when I got to the mattress assembly part. I think it was Dewey that I talked to. He was so helpful with that and at the time I placed my order. (The problem when I was assembling the mattress was that I was missing a Medium mattress layer, because Box #6 of 6 hadn’t been delivered yet But UPS brought it on a different truck later in the evening.) I found that it was helpful to refer to the Build Instructions which were included with my original receipt.

I slept on my new bed that night and loved it! I thought there would be an adjustment period to get used to my new bed. However, it was so comfortable right from the start. In my research before I ordered, I tried many mattresses, including memory foam, and read at least 200 reviews for various types. This latex foam was a little pricier than some others, but I’d do it again. So worth it! I would definitely order another mattress from Flobeds and would recommend it to others. -Linda P

Still the best bed

I purchased a FLOBED with my former spouse, and it went with him when we split up. I lived without a FLOBED for a number of years, even tried the cheaper Casper (bleh). Finally was able to afford a FLOBED of my own. It’s still the same great sleep. I’m so happy to be able to not get tipped to the center of the bed when my partner rolls over toward the middle of the bed, because of the separate inner sections. I also like that you can adjust the firmness of the mattress.

Customer service is variable: whomever I talked to when I needed to add to the order seemed in a great hurry to get off the phone and didn’t have time to answer many questions. However, everything in the orders was correct. If you’re wavering on FLOBED, I advise you to go ahead. This bed is worth the money.-Tanya L

Best bed ever

My parents got a v-zone bed years ago, they love it. I was waking up with a sore back everyday. You could see my old mattress was sunk down in the middle. I always had to shove a pillow behind me when I was on my side to help support my back. I really wanted a soft bed though. Dewey is great and assured me that the mattress would be soft enough. I went ahead and ordered the soft v-zone mattress. It was not easy assembling this myself (Cal King), but it is doable. It would be much easier with two people. Needless to say, I LOVE IT! It does feel soft AND gives support. I no longer need the pillow behind my back. I do not wake up hot and sweaty like with my old mattress. My back no longer hurts when I wake up. I notice that I do not toss and turn as much. This bed is great (Plus all natural!) and the customer service is excellent. -Leslie W

Noasleep Hybrid Mattress Review

Great overall experience

Honestly was very impressed with the entire transaction. It was easy to purchase, I was able to tell the team the date range I wanted, it came exactly the day I wanted it to be delivered and the mattress itself has been great. Great overall experience. Nice work! -Benjamin N

improve our sleep

We have been enjoying the King Noa Mattress for more than three months already, we smile to the mattress every day and it does improve our sleep. Besides the comfort of the mattress, Mr Kopek has also provided his customer service on point professionally to us, hereby we like to give Mr Kopek and Noa team a thumbs up. -Wendy L

Mattress getting worse

The flatness has been deformed after a couple of months, the support from it to my back has been getting weaker. I feel like it can only last for few more months before I need a new one, otherwise my back wound be getting worse-Siu T

IDLE Double Sided Hybrid Mattress Review


I did lots and lots of hours of research trying to find a mattress that would be good for my and my husband's many back pain issues and aging bones (we are 60 and 66, respectively). I decided upon the Idle hybrid mattress due to all positive reviews (I could not find one negative review) and factors such as the mattress being flippable, 120-day trial period and lifetime warranty. So far, after one month of sleeping on our mattress, we are in love. We both sleep so well and it is SO comfortable. We also like that the foam top enables one of us to move around or get out of bed without the other even knowing! It is so nice to wake up each morning and not want to rush to get up and out of bed because we are hurting (this can be a downside...just wanting to lie in our oh, so comfortable bed...). Our sleep is so much better, and we wake up feeling refreshed and not in discomfort. The customer service has been excellent, also. We had a problem with one of the legs being damaged upon arrival. I emailed Idle and they shipped new legs to us within 2 days. I would highly recommend the Idle hybrid mattress.-Lisa Stallard. Columbus, Ohio


We bought the Luxury Firm Hybrid. First the quality of the mattress is evident right from the start. You can tell they are built well. The luxury firm was a little too firm for us to begin with but it has broken in some. I think we would like the medium a little better but we added a padded mattress cover and that has helped. We feel that the quality of the mattress is worth keeping since it will last a long time and adding to the top to soften it until it breaks in more. Overall a good buy for us.-Tim & Pam. Oakmont, Pennsylvania


I rarely leave reviews but I absolutely love this mattress. I was skeptical about buying a mattress online, and spent many hours researching different companies and mattresses. I've been sleeping on this new mattress for over 3 months and I never want to get out of bed. It did take a couple nights to adjust to the different feel since this is my first foam mattress. I used to be a sucker for a pillow-top mattress, but hated when the mattress gets dented from sleeping in the same spot, this is why I love that you can flip this mattress. I was very impressed by the fast email responses and costumer service even on the weekend. Thanks for the awesome mattress!-Katie Penta. Bradenton, Florida

Lotus Asana 6 Series Hybrid Mattress Review

No more back pain

My wife and I recently purchased a PranaSleep Lotus Asana 6.2 mattress. We had both been having trouble sleeping on our old mattress and I had been waking up with back and shoulder pain for over a month. We tested out a number of mattresses but once we tried the Asana 6.2 we were sold. The mattress feels amazing and is incredibly supportive. Highly recommend this or the 5.2 (which was a close second).-MICHAEL A

DLC Interiors

For over 20 years I have ordered prana beds for my clients. The latex mattress has continued to be the best product on the market as far as I’m concerned. City mattress has shipped all over the country for me. I have never had a client be disappointed. The product and the service has been exceptional. I love my own as well.-D.L.C I.

Organics Dharma Latex Mattress Review

Sleeping easier

I had been sleeping with a wedge for GERD and Asthma. Raising the head has helped me. I'm getting a good night’s sleep on my new PranaSleep mattress. It’s also helped my husbands back. -Clyde F. North Palm Beach, FL

Well rested now

We wanted to tell you how much we love our PranaSleep plush mattress and our PranaSleep pillows. The pillows are the most comfortable pillows we have ever slept on. Before we got the mattress, my wife experienced back pains and leg pains from sleeping on our old mattress. I, in turn, slept very lightly and I was restless throughout the night resulting in very little sleep. We had looked at mattresses over a period of time and we were not satisfied with anything until we tried the Prana. We feel that the PranaSleep mattress is the best bed on the market. The whole experience was very professional and we would highly recommend PranaSleep to all our friends. -Scott & Marion T., Mendon, MA

PranaSleep Wahe Luxury Plush Latex Mattress Review

Fabulous Bed

We have been faithful customers for several years and have equipped our homes and our thre kids homes with CityMattress bedding. We had been happy with the prior version of htis bed and were anxious to try the “6”. We have been very pleased. Very comfortable with dual separate controls which caused us to upgrade.-MARY/JOSEPH M

Sit ‘n Sleep Watson Foam Mattress Review

Appreciate the service and comfortable mattress

I purchased a bed at Sit 'n Sleep 15 years ago and I was treated pretty well when I was there. So, I decided to go back and I went there looking for a Tempur-Pedic bed. Bob, the salesman who spoke with me, was fantastic. He was helpful and informative. He really knows his stuff and he wanted to make sure that I was happy and comfortable, not just physically but monetarily as well. He had all kinds of great suggestions. He gave me a lot of tips that I hadn't even considered and when I did, I realized how valuable they were. He acted as if I was the only customer that he has ever had and that sold me. He said that he would be happy to sell me a Tempur-Pedic bed, but he wanted me to know what was out there and suggested that I take a look at all the different beds. I ended up buying a different bed and I purchased a memory foam bed that goes up and down, and all around. The folks who came in to set the bed up for me were in and out in two seconds and they did a really good job. It's a great bed and I love it. I can't wait to get to bed at night. The whole experience has been really good and I would do it again. In fact, I've even told my daughter and her husband, as well as a couple of my friends at church, about the great customer service I had with Sit 'n Sleep and they claimed that they're gonna go and take a look there too.-Renzo. Los Angeles

No pains anymore

We bought a king-size and a queen-size bed from Sit ‘n Sleep. The old mattresses were worn out so, the new mattresses were awesome. Now, I sleep through the whole night. I have no more backaches. The two gentlemen we worked with were knowledgeable and when we told them what our problems were, they knew exactly what we needed. However, I wasn’t happy with the delivery guys when the first bed was delivered. They scraped a lot of walls going up my stairs. On the other hand, the second set of guys were good. -Tamara. Bakersfield, CA

Christeli Versailles Memory Foam Mattress Review

Great customer service and responsiveness

Great customer service and responsiveness. The mattress is perfect for us. At first I was worried that it would be too firm, but over the first week or so it softens a bit. We love our mattress. It's really comfortable. Haven't noticed any issues with feeling overheated. The pillows are really nice and great quality too. Versailles is medium firm. I'm a side and back sleeper which works well for the firmness. No complaints.-Irene A


This mattress is so beautiful and feels so good underneath you. It's not like a mass-produced item. The materials they make it with are very nice and you can feel how natural it is. But the 7-inch was a little too thin. It's great for a guest bedroom or kids. I went ahead and purchased the Versailles and I'm eagerly awaiting it.-Robert G

Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Best matress I've ever had

Had this matress as 12" queen for a year now and my wife and I still love it. Still as nice as when we got it. Don't remember ever sleeping on a more comfortable matress. It's very comfortable but still firm and supportive. I used to like softer mattresses (before I tried memory foam) but this is the best of both worlds. I've tried the highly rated (and more expensive) Casper and Simba mattresses and like this one way more. When we go away I look forward to getting back to sleeping on this.-D zinus

I Love Our Zinus Mattresses!

We have two Zinus mattresses. We purchased a queen 12" Cooling Hybrid Gel foam mattress about eight months ago and just recently purchased a full-size 12" Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress because I wanted to try something a bit softer. I love them both. Because they are 12", they are both considered to be plush mattresses. The queen hybrid is firmer than the full-size memory foam, but is still very soft and comfy and provides some support for those who need it. The full-size memory foam is just unbelievably soft. We sleep in both rooms, depending on the weather (one room stays cooler than the other in the summer; the other is warmer in the winter), and it really doesn't matter which mattress we're using. They both provide me with a great night's sleep. I weigh 115 pounds, and I tend to not make much of a dent in any mattress, so it's nice to have a mattress that conforms to my body, and lets me sink down into it just the right amount. The mattresses were delivered within just a few days after I placed my order. They arrived in excellent condition, and although I noticed a new mattress smell when freed from the plastic, that smell had dissipated by the next day. Both mattresses expanded perfectly within the time indicated in the instructions. The hybrid mattress weighed a good deal more than the memory foam, and not just because of the size difference. It took two people to get the hybrid mattress up the stairs to the second floor, and we were totally worn out by the experience. As for the memory foam mattress, one person was able to bring it upstairs alone (apartment dwellers take note). We only have two bedrooms, but if we had a third, I would definitely buy another Zinus mattress. I'm thrilled to finally be sleeping on a great mattress, the likes of which I never thought we could afford. The quality and comfort are more than I ever expected, and the price just can't be beat.-Cushy Comfort