Tioga Gas Mart in LEE VINING

Tioga Gas Mart Contact Info:

Store: Tioga Gas Mart
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 22 Vista Point Drive, Lee Vining, CA 93541, USA
Phone: +1 760-647-1088
Website: whoanelliedeli.com
Zipcode: 93541
States: California
Open Time: Sunday 6AM–9PM
Monday 6AM–9PM
Tuesday 6AM–9PM
Wednesday 6AM–9PM
Thursday 6AM–9PM
Friday 6AM–9PM
Saturday 6AM–9PM

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Nest Bedding Latex Mattress Review

Great mattress

I got the latex mattress after Nest's Alexander Hybrid slept too warm for me. I almost tried the latex hybrid but decided that I didn't want the "suspended" feeling that the springs from the Alexander Hybrid gave me so I opted for the 100% Latex. So glad I did!!! It sleeps so much cooler than my old Tempurpedic did (and the Alexander Hybrid for that matter) and the support it gives is wonderful. It was hard to make that kind of investment for a mattress I hadn't tried out ahead of time but I'm so glad I trusted the other reviews and went for it. Like the other reviewers stated though, it's HEAVY! I got a king mattress and even though I've lifted weights for years, I had to have help moving and assembling it. By the way, Nest's customer service is amazing. Awesome people to work with.—Jo B

Overall respectable item for sleep

With some minor inconveniences, but great for sleep! I purchased the Organic Latex with the Soft Topper I've had this set up for a week now (had it in boxes for 2 1/2 weeks). Cons: 1. Inconvenient to put together Impossible to get the edges to match perfectly, so if you're OCD, it'll be an issue 2. Doesn't stand on it's side (sags and bends), so if you're moving it after it's initially set up, I would talk to the company - I'm guessing recommendations are to take it apart and roll it, or somehow transport it flat (hope you're not moving across the country). 3. Like straight memory foam and other latex mattresses, no firm edge if you're accustomed to it or sharing a bed. I'm single so this is not much of an issue Pros 1. ABSOLUTELY NO Off-Gassing / smell 2. Incredibly comfortable when sitting, laying 3. I have no should or neck pain when side-sleeping 4. I have no lower-back pain when laying on my back 5. Organic - I have sensitive health, so it's a great peace of mind to know there's nothing lurking there. 6. Breathable - no sweating or overheating.—Taylor S