Walmart in LAWNCREST

Walmart Contact Info:

Store: Walmart
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 4600 Roosevelt Blvd Bldg G, Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA
Located in: Northeast Tower Center
Phone: +1 215-288-0700
Zipcode: 19111
States: Pennsylvania
Open Time: Thursday 7AM–12AM
Friday 7AM–12AM
Saturday 7AM–12AM
Sunday 7AM–12AM
Monday 7AM–12AM
Tuesday 7AM–12AM
Wednesday 7AM–12AM





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OkiEasy Hybrid Mattress Review

Comfortable and supportive

I'm so glad I finally decided to order a mattress from OkiOki. The mattress shipped quickly and arrived well packaged. I looked at and researched a lot of different mattresses and you really cant beat the trial period and the 10 year warranty, free shipping and no tax. Just all around great quality, great price and awesome customer service. This mattress is the best one I have ever had, it is just so comfortable and supportive and I can honestly say I truly have not slept this good in years. My entire experience with OkiOki has been 5 stars. I just love my OkiOki mattress! -Gina

Great Mattress

I was looking for a new mattress for myself and my adult daughter, who lives with me. A friend convinced me to buy a mattress from a local mattress store, but I still bought the OkiEasy mattress for my daughter, since it was less expensive. Our mattresses both arrived close to the same time. We both tried our new mattresses, and were neither fully satisfied. She thought the OkiEasy was a bit to firm, while I was feeling like my mattress from the store was to soft. One night when I could not get to sleep, she offered to let me try out her mattress (the OkiEasy), so we switched beds for the night. The next night we still used the other persons mattress. After that night I was sure I wanted the OkiOki mattress for myself, so we traded mattresses! Now we are Both happy with our mattresses. I am so glad I bought the OkiEasy, since that is the mattress I like best.-Melody Hollis

Sleeping much better with less sore

I have multiple joint and skeletal issues and it' s hard to walk much less get up after sleeping. This bed has helped myself and my partner a great deal. We are both sleeping much better and are far less sore. I was afraid it was going to be to soft for him but I was wrong. We both would have liked it a bit softer. You can't beat the price! We both sleep hot and this bed gets high points for staying cool also. The customer service was also very good whenever I contacted them during my research. I would definitely buy a mattress from Okioki again. -JASMINE