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Store: Wholesale Furniture Brokers Vancouver
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 26918 56 Ave, Langley City, BC V4W 1N9, Canada
Phone: +1 866-652-0352
Website: wholesalefurniturebrokers.ca
Zipcode: 71952
States: Arkansas
Open Time: Saturday 9AM–5PM
Sunday 9AM–5PM
Monday 7AM–7PM
Tuesday 7AM–7PM
Wednesday 7AM–7PM
Thursday 7AM–7PM
Friday 7AM–7PM

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Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Mattress Review

Impress me!

I received this bed about a week ago now and I love it so far! It is supportive when I lay on my side but feels like a cloud too. I read reviews about so so so many "box mattresses" (I'm talking reviews from amazon to reddit) and this bed seemed like the best for side sleepers so I took the risk and got it. I let it expand and air out all day by the window while I was at work but taking it out of the shrink wrapping I did not notice any odd smell like some people had. For reference, I'm a 5'8 135lb woman so I cannot speak to all the varieties of body types but so far so good! —Roxanne L

The best mattress I've ever

The best mattress I've ever had. I can sleep in any position. I had a thousand dollar latex mattress that did not have this comfort. In fact I would wake up every night after an hour or two and had a hard time getting back to sleep. Two weeks in with the bb mattress this has only happened once. A great mattress at a good price. —Ted T