Z Gallerie Contact Info:

Store: Z Gallerie
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 1883 2nd St, Highland Park, IL 60035, USA
Phone: +1 847-681-0961
Website: zgallerie.com
Zipcode: 71291
States: Louisiana
Open Time: Sunday 12–6PM
Monday (Labor Day) 10AM–6PM Hours might differ
Tuesday 10AM–6PM
Wednesday 10AM–6PM
Thursday 10AM–6PM
Friday 10AM–6PM
Saturday 10AM–6PM

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Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress Review

Mattress unfit for me but great company

My wife and I both liked the bed after we got thru the 3 week break-in period. However I believe I am too heavy for this bed to support me properly. I weigh 265, at 6'1", I have back pain, so I am a side sleeper. It did not work out for me. My wife's only complaint was the edge support she thought it needs more and she needs more pressure point relief for her hips. She would probably prefer softer. If it would have had more of a zoned support from the springs, I think I may have kept it.unfortunately we went thru the return process after about 45 days. Customer service was really great about it, and I felt bad. I wanted to love it. The latex was real nice and the top was great. At the end of the day if I was 220 and did not have such back pain it probably would have been the one. Nest is a great company on my experience. I did keep the pillow. Will probably try them again in the future if they addressed my body type better.—Terry g

Excellent material and construction

Have had my mattress about a month and am in love. I researched for about 3 months and always came back to the Nest mattress. Am a side sleeper with lower back pain. This mattress has just enough foam to hold your body without disappearing. It has an attractive mattress topper made of organic wool. The copper in the latex foam keeps cool all night. I must say I hate getting out of bed now. Delivery was perfect. On time to my front door. Also bought the queen frame and it also is great. I'm 130 lbs and got everything inside and put together by myself. Yes it is heavy and a handful but it can be done. Made that first nights rest even sweeter.—Carol L