Aaron’s Contact Info:

Store: Aaron’s
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 330 Pantops Center, Charlottesville, VA 22911, USA
Located in: Pantops Shopping Center
Phone: +1 434-973-5200
Website: locations.aarons.com
Zipcode: 12036
States: New York
Open Time: Monday 10AM–7PM
Tuesday 10AM–7PM
Wednesday 10AM–7PM
Thursday 10AM–7PM
Friday 10AM–8PM
Saturday 10AM–5PM
Sunday 12–5PM





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Happsy Latex Hybrid Mattress Review

Love this Mattress!

After much careful research and price comparison, we decided on the Happsy because we wanted to be sure our family would be very comfortable and safe from chemical off-gassing. One of us is pregnant, and has chemical sensitivities, plus we plan to snuggle our baby in bed a bunch. Honestly never been more comfortable in bed! We never want to leave! I had been using up to 4 pillows for various support with pregnant sleeping, and could easily sleep without on our new supportive, but soft-top mattress! Plus, unwrapping it was a hoot! Definitely recommend this mattress! -Alexandra T

Feels great but smells weird

So far we are liking the comfort level of the bed. It’s nice and firm just how I like my mattresses. However, it has had a weird smell since the day we got it. I thought it would air out and be gone but I still smell it just walking into my bedroom, even with my bed sheets on. It’s almost like an ashy smell, nothing outrageous but it’s not pleasant either. Hoping it dissipates heat.With more time! I’ve had it at least a little over a month so far.-Angelica T

Awesome mattress!

I can comfortably say that after almost a month with this mattress I am sooooo happy! My fiancee at first wasn't sure she'd like the feel of a mattress with springs instead of an all foam mattress, but after the first three nights on our Happsy mattress she couldn't deny how great of a sleep she was getting as opposed to the classic memory foam options she had been used to. We both sleep pretty warm and we are both amazed at how COOL this mattress is able to stay. SUCH A DIFFERENCE from our prior memory foam mattresses. I will say that I love the level of firmness on this bed and she wishes it were a bit more 'plush' so we are looking into possibly getting the mattress topper from Happsy. But overall if you want a great mattress that stays cool and super comfortable with great support, AND IS ORGANIC, this is a great option!-Alex