Scholarship Program
MattressinUSA offering a scholarship award in for the 2020 academic year, designed to support students from diverse backgrounds and students who are determined to further their education. We will award $2,500 to a very deserving student.

MattressinUSA Scholarship
Award $2500
Deadline: December 26, 2019


Residency Requirement(s): The United States 
School Year: At least half a year university or college student 
Major: Design, Marketing, International Business, Literature and Language 
Study Level: Graduate, Undergraduate, Bachelor’s, Associate’s 
GPA: 3.0 
No school/college requirements.


The winner will be announced in Dec 31 2019 
Send us an email including:

  • updated resume, course entry form
  • A letter of acceptance from your university or college.
  • Any other verifiable document to prove you are a student
  • An additional document telling us why you believe we should consider you for our scholarship program.
  • Write an essay with creativity and logic about mattress.

         Topic: Any mattress-related  article (market insight, product creation, etc)
         Length: at least 1000 words.

  • Essays should be well-written, well-researched and should be the student’s original writing, with creativity and logic which show your creativity and your own opinions.
  • Send your essay and the requested details (PDF) to this email:

CRITERIA: Our team will start evaluated submitted essays after the deadline. The best essay will be chosen based on the above-mentioned factors. The student with the best essay will be declared as the winner of the scholarship and will be contacted by email or telephone. The name of the winner will be published on this page.

Our Address:


Best of Luck!