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Aaron’s Contact Info:

Store: Aaron’s
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 918 N W Ave, Jackson, MI 49202, USA
Phone: +1 517-789-6188
Website: locations.aarons.com
Zipcode: 54733
States: Wisconsin
Open Time: Monday 10AM–7PM
Tuesday 10AM–7PM
Wednesday 10AM–7PM
Thursday 10AM–7PM
Friday 10AM–8PM
Saturday 10AM–6PM
Sunday 12–5PM

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Naturepedic EOS Classic Hybrid Mattress Review


I've tried all kinds of mattresses, but this is the best ever. I'm a middle aged gal who sleeps "hot," so anything with latex makes me toss and turn. I did a lot of research and found that micro coils on top of coils would be best for me. The EOS is just that. 14 months ago, I purchased the "comfort layer soft micro coils" for the 3" top layer, and took a chance on the "support layer plush coils" for the 8" bottom layer. I was worried it might be too soft, but it's perfect! I had been suffering from bursitis which disappeared after using this mattress. Naturepedic also offers a "layer swap" if you've purchased something that's a bit too firm or soft, but this wasn't an issue for me. This mattress is perfect! Even more than a year later, I can't be happier. You may be thinking that these mattresses are too expensive, but believe me, getting a good night's sleep is worth more than you think. You'll start to realize that all the mattress toppers and other quick fixes have been a waste of money and investing in a decent mattress is all that you needed. —Dubliners099. Peoria, IL


Just perfect for me. Smelled like vanilla when I was putting it together. I have had the EOS classic for about 3 years now and I have never regretted it even for a day. Just make sure your house is clean because you'll want to keep it safe. I layer about 3 thick organic blankets to protect my investment. I like this company. I would only prefer the price down about 300 dollars. —Joe. Wilton, IA