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Store: Aerus Electrolux
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 584 W Gaines St, Monticello, AR 71655, USA
Phone: +1 870-367-9322
Zipcode: 71655
States: Arkansas
Open Time:

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Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Best matress I've ever had

Had this matress as 12" queen for a year now and my wife and I still love it. Still as nice as when we got it. Don't remember ever sleeping on a more comfortable matress. It's very comfortable but still firm and supportive. I used to like softer mattresses (before I tried memory foam) but this is the best of both worlds. I've tried the highly rated (and more expensive) Casper and Simba mattresses and like this one way more. When we go away I look forward to getting back to sleeping on this.-D zinus

I Love Our Zinus Mattresses!

We have two Zinus mattresses. We purchased a queen 12" Cooling Hybrid Gel foam mattress about eight months ago and just recently purchased a full-size 12" Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress because I wanted to try something a bit softer. I love them both. Because they are 12", they are both considered to be plush mattresses. The queen hybrid is firmer than the full-size memory foam, but is still very soft and comfy and provides some support for those who need it. The full-size memory foam is just unbelievably soft. We sleep in both rooms, depending on the weather (one room stays cooler than the other in the summer; the other is warmer in the winter), and it really doesn't matter which mattress we're using. They both provide me with a great night's sleep. I weigh 115 pounds, and I tend to not make much of a dent in any mattress, so it's nice to have a mattress that conforms to my body, and lets me sink down into it just the right amount. The mattresses were delivered within just a few days after I placed my order. They arrived in excellent condition, and although I noticed a new mattress smell when freed from the plastic, that smell had dissipated by the next day. Both mattresses expanded perfectly within the time indicated in the instructions. The hybrid mattress weighed a good deal more than the memory foam, and not just because of the size difference. It took two people to get the hybrid mattress up the stairs to the second floor, and we were totally worn out by the experience. As for the memory foam mattress, one person was able to bring it upstairs alone (apartment dwellers take note). We only have two bedrooms, but if we had a third, I would definitely buy another Zinus mattress. I'm thrilled to finally be sleeping on a great mattress, the likes of which I never thought we could afford. The quality and comfort are more than I ever expected, and the price just can't be beat.-Cushy Comfort