Andrews Furniture & Mattress in CARMICHAEL

Andrews Furniture & Mattress Contact Info:

Store: Andrews Furniture & Mattress
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 7811 Lichen Dr, Citrus Heights, CA 95621, USA
Located in: Summerhill Plaza
Phone: +1 916-728-5101
Zipcode: 39423
States: Mississippi
Open Time: Saturday 11AM–6PM
Sunday Closed
Monday (Labor Day) 11AM–7PM Holiday hours
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 11AM–6PM
Thursday 11AM–6PM
Friday 11AM–6PM

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Mattress Review

Really great mattressThis Mattress is awesome

I moved to Florida about 3 years ago after spending most of my life in the New York City area. Since I've had trouble sleeping well through the night since I sleep hot, which was never a problem up north. I usually set my AC between 68-72 degrees and still had a problem sleeping, I've had this bed for a couple of weeks, no more searching for a cool spot, no more problems falling asleep and get continuous sleep. The mornings I feel refreshed and ready to go. Got this in a 12 inch king and am a side and stomach sleeper. This bed is a soft medium, gives you support but you feel like you're hovering over the bed, I've even stopped using my pillow when I'm on my stomach. This bed makes you want to hug it, unfortunately my arms aren't long enough. —Francisco C

NO sleeping trouble

I have had trouble sleeping for a couple of years. I have tried a few different mattresses. I’m old school, so I have been hesitant to try the new hybrid mattresses. I wish I would have bought this mattress sooner! I sleep like a baby and it keeps me cool! My back does not hurt anymore! This mattress makes me feel younger! I love it!—Lynda H