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Phone: +1 407-851-1455
Zipcode: 32681
States: Florida
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Nighslee Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Good Mattress, Excellent Customer Service Help

I ordered a Nighslee mattress (a full 10-inch Cool Gel Memory Foam) to arrive after my partner and I moved in to a new apartment. Some miscommunications happened and although the mattress was supposedly delivered four days before we expected it, it never turned up. It took a few days of communicating with FedEx and Nighslee, but ultimately we were sent a replacement that actually arrived this time! The representative I talked to was very kind and frequently checked in to see if FedEx had located my package before deciding that sending a replacement was the best option.As for the mattress itself, it's been really comfortable. We've had it for just a little less than a month and both of us are happy with the product. The fact that one of us getting up doesn't bother the other is very nice, the coolgel is holding up well as the apartment heats up for the summer, and it's a nice level of softness vs firmness. With the sales often going on, this was very affordable as a couple of recent college graduates and it helped a lot with transporting and installing issues a traditional mattress would have given us. I don't have a lot of mattresses to compare this to, but it's been a good starting mattress after a 10-year-old childhood bed and dorm room mattresses. -Lorant Peeler

I am the first one to do the MATTRESS UPDATE!

Half and a year passed and I’m still using the mattress from Nighslee, actually I mentioned couple times in my vlog before, but this is the first time I comment it officially. Just like I said in my vlog, this mattress is absolutely boom like I am so glad that I finally have like a memory foam mattress, a different style mattress. I used to have the old school mattress just you know with the springs and like all that kind of stuff, so this is more of like the newer technology mattresses, I could definitely expand it. Other reasons I’ve been loving is that I don’t feel like the mattress is kind of dipping you know how some mattresses after you sleep on them for a while they kind of start to get that dip but Nighslee is still like perfectly flat and perfect so I really love it!-Fatima F Miranda

MSo far so good

I am an older customer who was in need of replacing my Tempur-Pedic mattress that had too many peaks and valleys after just 6 years of gentle use and was causing me health problems due to no longer supporting my body properly while sleeping. I spent many hours trying find a replacement mattress at the right price, so I decided on getting a Nighslee queen mattress. The Nighslee mattress feels like the Tempur, just more soft, which I really like. I have sleep very well the past couple of nights and I wake feeling much better than before. If it holds up for 6+ years it will be a great buy and bargain, so we will see how it works out over time. I’m taking one star off, since FedEx pushed my delivery date out to 6 business days after having promised 5 days. FedEx should under promise and over deliver their service and the other way around. The Nighslee customer service people returned my email inquiries quickly, which I appreciated.-Allen L Bloom. California