Big Lots in QUINCY

Big Lots Contact Info:

Store: Big Lots
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 120 N Fair Ave, Yakima, WA 98901, USA
Phone: +1 509-452-2958
Zipcode: 98848
States: Washington
Open Time: Wednesday 8AM–9PM
Thursday 8AM–9PM
Friday 8AM–9PM
Saturday 8AM–9PM
Sunday 9AM–8PM
Monday 8AM–9PM
Tuesday 8AM–9PM

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Blue Fusion 300 Plush Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress Review

Try the blue fusion 200 if you have back issues

I bought both the I Serta comfort hybrid 300 pillowtop and I comfort blue fusion 200 one was for my guest room the other for my room! I was told to get the pillow top but I am so sorry I did! I LOVE my blue fusion 200 tight top don’t stop making that bed! The blue fusiin300 was not soft it was rated medium! I had 9 spinal surgeries and a scoliosis and it hurts like crazy! I expected a soft comfy feeling with good support but it’s too firm when it’s called a plush I expect a plush! So it’s going back and I am ordering another blue fusion 200 hybrid! I LoVE that bed! No adjustment time needed! I slept in it and could feel it softly confirm with my body! I am 5’8 140 lbs so not large! The 200 just allowed my body to confirm I woke up with no pain no trigger points and had the best nights sleep in just two nights! It’s not hard but not soft just right nothing like the 300!!! The 300 makes my whole body ache I think from what I have been told memory foam is firmer and it is! So back this goes and I am buying the I comfort hybrid blue fusion 200 so I will have two for both my rooms. If your expecting the blue fusion 300 plush PT to be soft your in for a huge surprise! The blue fusion 200 my body just gently confirmed to it no pain! The 300 causes more pain for me! But after having Simmons for years I will only buy Serta mattress they are worth every penny! Even though the 300 isn’t for me it’s a very high quality mattress great for a couple! The blue fusion hybrid 200 is great for someone my size or larger smaller anyone who needs the bed to conform with your body ! I sleep in my guest room now till I get my new 200!! Serta makes an amazing high quality bed!!—Jenny B156