Boxdrop Cookeville in BUFFALO VLY

Boxdrop Cookeville Contact Info:

Store: Boxdrop Cookeville
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 500 S Walnut Ave, Cookeville, TN 38501, USA
Phone: +1 931-349-7066
Zipcode: 38548
States: Tennessee
Open Time: Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday 2–4PM
Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours

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Voila Hybrid Mattress Review

A great mattress- especially for bad backs and pets!!!

I was in the process of moving and my old mattress was over ten years old and giving me and my older dog all kinds of problems. I had a car accident injury that would act up a lot and the mattress was too soft to be of any help. My dog was almost 11 at the time and had arthritis and the mattress was so soft he couldn't get in and out of bed; I had to carry him. I was drawn to this mattress when I read the description because I wanted something very firm but still comfortable. My concern was that the mattress be comfortable for myself and my dog since he sleeps on it too. The mattress arrived in a box very quickly with consistent updates (when it was being processed, shipped, etc). We had it shipped to our new apartment so that there would be plenty of room to unbox it and let it settle (it's recommended you give it 48 hours to fully form). We unboxed it in an empty room (make sure you have lots of space) and it was like unrolling a giant tube of cinnamon rolls! As soon as we cut the plastic, it started settling very quickly. I'm pretty sure my dog did not give it the full 48 hours before he insisted on testing it. Our first night with the new mattress was great- it doesn't dip or leave an indent when you've slept in it for a while. My dog can move really easily on the mattress and sleeps very comfortably through the night. My back pain has gradually started to go away as well. The mattress also doesn't seem to collect a ton of body heat which is especially helpful in the summer! I've had this mattress for over three months now and I am SO happy with it. I fall asleep much quicker than I did before and wake up much more comfortably. My dog prefers to spend as much of his day as possible on the bed- it is even preferable to his favorite spot on the couch he's had for years. I've been telling all my friends who need new beds to check out The Voila Box because a good mattress makes SUCH a huge difference in your quality of life. Good sleep helps everything!! I received this mattress complimentary; however, all opinions are entirely my own.-Melanie-Las Vegas, NV

Sleepless in Indiana

After many years of a traditional mattress, we were looking for an upgrade to the sleeping experience. After trying another well known foam mattress, we were left with a less than satisfying solution. The mattress had minimal edge support and was softer than we returned it and searched for an alternative. We found Voila and frankly were slightly skeptical. Full disclosure - we had a back-up plan to buy a traditional mattress if this one did not work out. It has been a few weeks now, and we are happy to say the Voila has delivered on all of our sleeping expectations. Great edge support! Great comfort! Awesome breathability! This is a keeper! The only thing keeping us from awarding a full 5-stars is that the company does not offer a delivery/set-up option. The OTR carrier simply wanted to leave the mattress in our driveway - not good for a king-size delivery! Besides that point we are 100% satisfied and recommend this mattress. -The Hanshews. Fishers, IN

Almost perfect

Amazing how the bed fits into a box. Cal king size. Great price. Ordered firm and it’s very firm I’m sure it will soften as time goes on. Only real problem was the delivery R+LCarriers gave the 5 hour window at the end of the 6th hour the driver called as we were about to go to dinner and said he wouldn’t deliver because he didn’t know the streets in our area (wasn’t the normal driver) and didn’t want to take the truck up the hill. My wife and I had to met the driver and deliver the mattress to the back of our car. Not great service.-Chris. Bay Area, CA