Carson Auto Sales Contact Info:

Store: Carson Auto Sales
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 3399 N Carson St, Carson City, NV 89706, USA
Phone: +1 775-450-4736
Zipcode: 89711
States: Nevada
Open Time: Monday Closed
Tuesday 5:30–6:30PM
Wednesday 5:30–6:30PM
Thursday 5:30–6:30PM
Friday 5:30–6:30PM
Saturday 11AM–6PM
Sunday Closed

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Lucid 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress Review

Lives up to my expectation

Great memory foam mattress with extra cushioning from the top latex layer.

We had a prior memory foam mattress which we really liked but wanted to try something with a little more cushion. This Lucid mattress is still very supportive but has a more plush and cushiony feel. The springiness of the latex layer doesn't hold you in like a traditional memory foam mattress. It arrived quickly, in a heavy but surprisingly small box. The include blue 'letter opener" was a nice touch that made it easy to get the package open. It fluffs up very quickly to most of full size within an hour or two and then expands a little more over the next several hours. I did not get any chemical smell when opening the package unless I purposely took a deep sniff with my nose pressed in the material. After airing out for several hours, I can't smell anything. Also, the chemical smell wasn't actually unpleasant unlike our last memory foam mattress. After several nights sleeping on this mattress, I find that it is superior to our old one in many ways. I love the edge supports that hold you on the bed while the center parts compress more and cushions you in. The latex is more "breathable" so I get less of the sweaty back feeling, though I'm a "hot" sleeper and always have been. I like how easy it was to get in the house (it compresses into a surprisingly small box for a queen mattress). I like that it doesn't transfer motion to my wife and wake her when I come to bed later (and vice versa when I get up early in the morning). I guess it is the innersprings (which are absolutely silent -I'd not know this had springs without reading the specs) that allow it to be just as supportive at 10 inches as our old thicker memory foam mattresses was at 14 inches. At the same time, it's also more "plush" feeling and responds quicker when you rollover. My wife is now able to sleep on her belly which she hadn't been able to before from the memory foam conforming to slowly. All in all this is great mattress with plenty of support and cushion in a good balance —Necrotic