Dollar General in BEE BRANCH

Dollar General Contact Info:

Store: Dollar General
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 10945 Hwy 65 S, Bee Branch, AR 72013, USA
Phone: +1 501-654-2035
Zipcode: 72013
States: Arkansas
Open Time: Saturday 8AM–9PM
Sunday 8AM–9PM
Monday 8AM–9PM
Tuesday 8AM–9PM
Wednesday 8AM–9PM
Thursday 8AM–9PM
Friday 8AM–9PM

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Yogabed Unplug Foam Mattress Review

I Really Like This Mattress

Here are the positives: 1) The mattress is easy to order and set up, in fact, it's quite exciting. The mattress comes vacuum sealed and rolled up inside a box. It was very easy to transport to its home. Once there, the mattress was set on the bed frame, and the plastic cover removed. It's pretty entertaining to watch the mattress expand to its full size and form. While it would be easier to have a friend helping you set it up, one person can handle it. 2) The mattress is attractive and has a very high-end appearance. The cover on the mattress is exceptionally easy to remove and clean if that is necessary (I removed it and put it back on...easy). Other mattress manufacturers recommend that you spot clean; Yogabed recommends machine wash with cold. If I have to clean it later on, I'll update this review with the results. 3) The materials used by the company are certified CertiPUR®. MANY other companies have this certification, and while this is not a seal of being organic, it's at least an indication that your bedroom will not be a den of off-gassing, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. 4) The bed is very comfortable. Despite its top layer of memory foam (called Instant Response YogaFoam), you are not going to feel like you are trapped on a marshmallow. While I think the feeling of lying on traditional memory foam is interesting, I do not like sleeping on it. It's hard to move around. For my patients with movement disorders (Parkinson's disease, stroke), they can literally feel trapped at night. This mattress gives you that initial feeling of memory foam, but it is much more responsive and, for lack of a better word, springy. It supports without enveloping. I love the way it feels. If you try one out (and you can for 101 nights according to their website), move around on it. Feel how easy it is to roll off, sit up, scoot over to breathe loudly into your partner's ear, etc. 5) The bed is cool. Besides the smell (this bed has no odor), the worst thing about memory foam is the fact that it traps heat better than a black car with dark leather seats on a scorching day. This bed sleep cool, presumable from the layer of YogaGel inside the mattress. The web page states that this material dissipates heat 7 times more than memory foam. I cannot verify this. I can tell you it is cool (it is currently 97 degrees outside). 6) The cost was very reasonable. On Amazon, I got a full bed for $699. The Cons: 1) The mattress is not able to be customized in terms of its internal construction. This is common with most popular mattress companies to help keep costs down. (SavvyRest mattresses allow you to customize the internal organic latex layers, but this comes at a price that is just shy of 10 times the Yogabed). 2) The bed can be made "adjustable" by purchasing the adjustable base. It can be "split" adjustable as well by combining two twin mattresses. This is not a standard feature. Bottom line, for the price, this is an outstanding mattress and worth a try. There is no reason not 101 days for a trial, you're getting one extra day compared to all of the other bedding outlets!-Chris