Furniture Medic by Karen in BROOMES IS

Furniture Medic by Karen Contact Info:

Store: Furniture Medic by Karen
Origin: Made in USA
Phone: +1 703-478-0080
Zipcode: 20615
States: Maryland
Open Time:

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Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Foam Mattress Review

Great mattress!

My husband has a degenerative back problem which has prevented him from getting a good nights sleep. This mattress has helped him sleep so much better! I sleep better as well. We wake up rested and refreshed. I recommend this mattress to anyone that has trouble sleeping and/or back issues. Tye adjustable base is wonderful as well. The only issue is with the sheets staying on the mattress while using the adjustable base. We've bought mattress clips to help with that issue.—Sleeping sound, Springfield, MO

Slept great from the very first night

This is our 2nd tempurpedic mattress. Our first one was the Celebrity bed/mattress and we had it for 12 years and loved it. With the Celebrity bed, we had to break-in the mattress the first month by walking on the mattress every night before bed. With the ProAdapt Medium mattress, there was no need for a "break-in" period. We slept well from the very first night. Love how much lighter this mattress is than our old mattress is, too. Only down side is that all of our sheets, and the tempurpedic mattress protector are too big for it.—Kathy, South Carolina