Furniture Pond in LAKEVIEW

Furniture Pond Contact Info:

Store: Furniture Pond
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 3335 Cobb Pkwy NW Suite 840, Acworth, GA 30101, USA
Phone: +1 678-401-6001
Zipcode: 35971
States: Alabama
Open Time: Saturday 11AM–7PM
Sunday 12–4PM
Monday (Labor Day) 11AM–7PM Holiday hours
Tuesday 11AM–7PM
Wednesday 11AM–7PM
Thursday 11AM–7PM
Friday 11AM–7PM

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Performasleep Foam Mattress Review

Sleep like a baby (well fed baby)

The moment I received my amazing Performasleep, I was scared that it was to squishy for my. I spent 15 years in the Marine Corps and work out and Crossfit. My body hurts everywhere, but after three nights on the Performasleep, my body feels great and I have slept like a baby! Not only will I recommencement Performasleep, but this is not my last one I purchase! Thank you for such an incredible mattress. -Javier V

The best sleep I’ve gotten in years

Wow! I was a little skeptical buying a mattress in a box but I love it. I’d had a full size mattress that mad worn down over the years. My lower back and neck would crack all the time. I’m a bodybuilder and recovery is key. Sleeping on this mattress I feel completely refreshed, recovered, and the best I’ve felt in years. I bought the king size and so glad I did. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially athletes who are looking to take care of their bodies. -Sam N

Don't wait get it now!

I used to be one of those people who spend money the second I had it. The moment I had kids everything I changed and made it to where it takes a month of debating prices in my head of wether or not I should pull the trigger on new trainers while the ones I use I have several holes all the way thru. Point being is I saw this 2 years ago and should have bought It then. I've never slept all the way thru a cycle in probably the last 6 to 7 years without waking multiple times for being uncomfortable. First night on this I slept for 12 hours straight and thought I had missed an entire work day. In less pain than ever before, easy set up, no smell out of the bag. I'm also a sweaty sleeper no matter the climate and I haven't woken up in sweat once in the entire time I've owned this mattress (which is probably around 2 months). Not a long time I know, but for me it's been a huge change. So if you've been eyeing this mattress for awhile stop hesitating and buy it. I also went with a cal king, and with the discou nt code they usually have the value can't be beat. I've never owned a king even, always a queen. However our children like to sleep in our bed with their mom a lot, so I opted for more room. Definelty worth the little bit extra for way more bed which easily fits in an average bedroom.-David M