La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in COCOA BEACH

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Contact Info:

Store: La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 3710 N, US-1, Cocoa, FL 32926, USA
Phone: +1 321-639-3010
Zipcode: 32931
States: Florida
Open Time: Monday 10AM–7PM
Tuesday 10AM–7PM
Wednesday 10AM–7PM
Thursday 10AM–7PM
Friday 10AM–7PM
Saturday 10AM–7PM
Sunday 12–5PM





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Sleep Innovation Taylor Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Deserving purchase

I waited 6 months after receiving the mattress before posting this review. If it had been a week I probably would have given it 3 stars, but now I’m all in with a 5 star feedback. We went from a spring pillowtop mattress to this memory foam and it was just a different feel. Not necessarily a bad feel, just more firm and supportive. Now we love this mattress. We both now wake up without the aches and pains mainly because this mattress provides complete even support all over. It was a little odd getting a hundred pound king size mattress in a box but it unfolded just fine. After getting the mattress unfolded we left it untouched for 48 hours. This is key to letting it fully expand and flatten! One corner did not completely flatten for a few days but it’s all good now. I highly recommend this mattress if you are having any back pain. We are side and stomach sleepers and it’s been amazing for us. I can sleep on my side now without having shoulder pain in the morning. Also you will feel very little movement from the other person. If you try, give it at least a full 30 days so your body gets used to it. —Jon

Love this mattress

The bed is very comfortable, had absolutely no odor. Buying the king-size mattress, I received the 102 pound rolled up bed-in-a-box at my front door. Although it was a prime purchase, it was a five day arrival period rather than the two. Therefore, I deducted one star and gave it a four star rating. Used to a Tempurpedic pillow-top mattress, I found the Shea bed’s structure and materials to be softer and more cradling. This slight softness permitted this side sleeper to have a great night’s rest. Highly recommend. Update: Two months have passed and this mattress’feel and support have retained its superior quality. My husband and I are thrilled with this medium to firm mattress’cradling abilities. I am thrilled that the bed supports your body, but does not swallow it. In other words, I like a slightly forgiving mattress, but I truly love its resistance. In my opinion, be patriotic and buy a USA manufactured mattress; buy a mattress with the proper certifications; buy a mattress with s reasonable warranty period; and finally, buy a mattress that is highly rated by Amazon customers, but whose manufacturer does not participate in expensive marketing and advertising practices (like Casper or Purple) - this will result in less overhead for the manufacturer and will undoubtedly allow the mattress to be sold at a reasonable price. As such, Sleep Innovations’ products meet my requirements.—beth