Landmark Quality Furniture Consignment in ROLLING ACRES

Landmark Quality Furniture Consignment Contact Info:

Store: Landmark Quality Furniture Consignment
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 113 S Parsons Ave, Brandon, FL 33511, USA
Phone: +1 813-643-4300
Zipcode: 34602
States: Florida
Open Time: Friday 10am–6pm
Saturday 10am–6pm
Sunday Closed
Monday (Labor Day) Closed Hours might differ
Tuesday 10am–6pm
Wednesday 10am–4pm
Thursday 10am–6pm

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WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Review

Winkbeds experience met my expectations

There are two points that I wish to make. First, all of the third party reviews address the 16 inch mattress while the mattress is now a 14 inch product; this change caused me some concern given the deduction in height resulted from the removal of two inches of foam cushioning. In the first month I've found the mattress to provide comfort, relief in pressure points and proper back support as described in the independent reviews. The eliminated foam cushion apparently did not affect it's performance., Secondly, remember to rotate the mattress frequently during the first few months of ownership. I noted that after the first two weeks a low spot was visible in my hip area of the bed. In contacting Winkbed I was told that in order to accomplish an even break-in period of the mattress and to avoid low spots from developing, it should be rotated every two weeks for the first two months and than every two months afterwards. It's too early to announce that this process will eliminate potential pooling in the mattress. All in all, no great product disappointments...Thus far it has performed as advertised. -Bruce

Great Lower Back Support

Shopping for a new mattress is very daunting. There are so many choices from different construction, materials, levels of support, prices, and warranties, etc. So, being 6’5” and weighing 250 pounds, I started my search looking for the highest rated mattresses for large folks. Wink Beds kept popping up at or near the top. So, due to many positive factors including their 120 night free trial, White Glove delivery option, and fair pricing, decided to try it out. I have been sleeping on my Wink now for about six weeks and would recommend them to anyone. -John S


Totally nervous about buying a mattress online. But, I have bought mattresses at the store, and really did a poor job picking one, returned two..gave away a third expensive memory foam one... So, how bad could my luck be? I am so impressed, no only with the timing (came super quick), the customer service (emails answered within hours), but with the actual mattress. It is perfect, it is comfortable and has relieved some of our back and joint pain. My husband and I both have some serious spine issues. This is NOT a cure (rechargeable spines would be the fix), but it has reduced pain and improved sleep tremendously. We also dropped from 37 years on a king size to a queen... still adjusting to that part and unsure if we would switch up still. Great company, local, american made, and outstanding to work with for a large purchase.-Susan T