Martin Appliance in MANHEIM

Martin Appliance Contact Info:

Store: Martin Appliance
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 1717 W Main St, Ephrata, PA 17522, USA
Phone: +1 717-733-7730
Zipcode: 13329
States: New York
Open Time: Monday 8AM–8PM
Tuesday 8AM–8PM
Wednesday 8AM–5PM
Thursday 8AM–8PM
Friday 8AM–8PM
Saturday 9AM–3PM
Sunday Closed

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OkiFirm All Foam Mattress Review

I like its firmness

I was in the market for a new bed and I saw all the hype with tons of advertising with Nectar and Purple so initially I was thinking ok I feel like I deserve the best and Purple seems like the top of the line currently but the price was really high so I had to somehow justify it. I'm 5'7 175 lbs and work out often so I'm very fit. I do not have back problems other than if I've been standing or walking for a good portion of the day. I dont choose to but if I needed to I'm somewhat comfortable sleeping on the floor so all these things in mind I didn't need to spend tons of money for the best. Needless to say I chose the OkiFirm for my Floyd platform bed because of the rave reviews and spot on price range. I was a little skeptical but it couldnt hurt to try with their return policy. However, having tried the bed I must say it was the most comfortable sleep I've had in a long time, I twisted and turned a bit as well and usually when that occurs I wake up tired and groggy but not on the OkiFirm. The bed is firm which I like but even for myself it makes me feel like I'm literally floating on the bed. -James Chung

My back pain is disappearing

So far I'm loving my mattess! I have been suffering from lower back pain in the last few years. When I wake up I can't even bend to pick up something. With this new mattress, so far my back hasn't been hurting nearly as it used to. It's been a week and I feel my back pain in the morning is disappearing. I order the OkiFirm because it was what it was recommended when I did my quiz. The mattress was quick to arrive and set up. The funny smell disappeared in one day, not sure if it was because I had all windows open.-maricela aguirre