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Store: Mattress By Appointment
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 540 W 1700 S unit c, Clearfield, UT 84015, USA
Phone: +1 385-393-4539
Zipcode: 57580
States: South dakota
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Layla Memory Foam Mattress Review


We bought the king size Layla mattress, foundation, and frame which came with two pillows. We've been sleeping on it for over a month now and we LOVE it. We sleep on the "soft" side and it's like sleeping on a huge fluffy cloud with amazing support. In my research (and i did a lot), this was rated as "the best mattress for side-sleepers" and i couldn't agree more. It also has excellent motion isolation; i am not disturbed at all when my husband comes to bed after me, or moves around during the night. It's a fantastic mattress at a great price. If you are on the fence, just go for it. -Frederick J

So Happy With Our Layla

We have been really happy that we made the switch to Layla. We have tried both the soft and firm side and have slept better on both with no problems, although we decided to leave it on the firm side. We haven’t had issues being hot, which was a big concern since my husband and I both sleep warm. It was super easy to set up and though there was a slight smell, we let the mattress air out the first day it arrived and put sheets on right before bedtime. This mattress was half the price of our old mattress and it has been worth every penny. My husband was starting to have issues with his shoulder and I have always had back problems from an old accident. Right now I’m 9 months pregnant and though the usual pregnancy symptoms keep me awake sometimes, it is never because I’m uncomfortable. We’ve had our mattress for almost 2 months and it has been perfect for us!-Jaree H

Well made, just not right for me

I am a very fit 130 lb 56 year old, a preferred side sleeper, with chronic lower back and hip issues. The more I move the less pain I have. In terms of mattresses, I used to sleep on an extra firm pillow top, that was way overdue for an update. With my more recent aches and pains, and after reading tons of reviews and recommendations for side sleepers with pain, I settled on the Layla. It arrived quickly in a package that was a fun experience to open, with gifts and clear instructions. The king mattress is of course quite heavy, but once in place it seems to be made with care and quality materials. Unfortunately for me, I sink in too much on the soft side, especially when I’m on my side, so when I switch positions I feel a pinch in my my hip and discomfort in my lower back. We slept on the softer side one week, then flipped into the firm side to try it out. Surprisingly the firm felt too firm, and since my partner is 180 lbs is seemed as if his side of the mattress sank down way lower than my side, so I could roll down a small hill. It was unpleasant, so we flipped it back to soft side to see if I could adjust. Additionally, my partner noticed the edge support was not the best. I could live with it, but it for him it is an issue. Sadly, I’ll have to return it and try something else. On the upside, great marketing, messaging and website. Wish I had better comments. I give it 3 stars.-Nina W