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Phone: +1 360-918-8177
Zipcode: 98430
States: Washington
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Zotto Memory Foam Mattress Review

As good as the day we bought it

My wife of 46yrs and I have been on the Zotto king for a year now. It still feels as good as the day we bought it. I'm a 250 lb person a 100% service connected veteran with many surgeries and have not slept more than 2hrs at any one time until I purchased a Zotto. I get 5 to 6 hrs a night now no pressure pain points and no sagging in the Zotto. Zotto was the 4th mattress I had on a hundred night trial. The others I won't mention with the exception that before all these we had a sleep# for 16 yrs and Zotto beat the performance of that so-called mattress. I will keep you posted as time goes on. -Dave & Yoli S

Comfortable and light

We stayed at Thunder Valley Casino Resort several times during this summer and we loved sleeping on this mattress. Funny thing , there was an ad on the nightstand with information on how to purchase this ZOTTO mattress! We have had a foam mattress from Costco for many years. The foam mattress by itself was too hard for my husband, as he has bilateral hip problems, so we bought a foam topper from Costco, but then it was too soft for me and I was suffering from back pain every day when I would wake up in the morning. Sleeping on the Zotto mattress at the casino resort was wonderful, so we bought our king Zotto online! It came, we unwrapped it and slept on it that very same night. Ever since, my husband and I have had our best sleep ever! As a bonus, making our bed before was a lot of work for me because the foam mattress we had was very heavy to lift the corners for the fitted sheet. Now, the Zotto is very light to lift and making the bed is a lot easier! We love our Zotto! Glad we stayed at Thunder Valley to experience sleeping on the Zotto. -Lisa K.B

Like sleeping at a luxury hotel every night

Great mattress, it was a major step up from a 20 year old Serta so it's hard to give a good comparison. Since being on the zotto i wake up with ZERO back pain. I'm a heavier male at 260lbs and the bed is just great despite reading reviews that foam isnt well suited for my body type. I did notice 1 of my old pillows doesn't work well with the bed but my favorite memory foam pillow is great. I only gave 4 stars because the bed sleeps HOT! So i had to adjust my thermostat to 77 instead of 78 which wasnt a huge deal but very noticeable. I hadn't been on a memory foam bed before and have heard they sleep hot so this bed may actually sleep COOL compared to other memory foam matresses. All in all I’m very happy!-Jeremy Hasenbuhler