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States: Tennessee
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Sleep Zzz Natures Novel Latex Mattress Review

My second Latex bed

This is my second latex bed and I am very happy with it. My last one was 15 years old and it was still fine till my new puppy decided to mark it as his territory. I was afraid that I just wouldn't find the same mattress again and of course I didn't. After some research I found this one online and it looked just like my old one so I decided to give it a try. I mean whats the worst that could happen, Return it. Anyway after a few weeks the new one feels just like the old one.

Latex is worth every penny.First the cover: Its still very nice and soft, though its made of wool and cotton its not warm at all. I'm actually surprised how it looks like it was unboxed yesterday. The cover overall is very nice and soft, no complains here at all.

Allergies: the very reason why I buy latex is because I have a lot of allergies to the stuff they put in other mattresses.

That's why I asked them over the chat and the phone about whats in the mattress exactly. they had told me that they only used green stuff that wouldn't cause allergies. Things like glues that are made of water based stuff and such. Anyway, I said if I'm going to have a reaction to this mattress it would surely be in the 100 day money back period. I honestly didn't have any health issues with this bed and let me tell ya, I start sneezing and coughing from high end mattresses used in hotels so I am a good measurement of what they used in this bed. With my last latex bed I didn't have any allergies at all till like 12 years after. I asked Sweet Zzz what could cause that and if that would happen again here and they said that old mattresses can stores a lot of goodies if you don't use a protector. I'm using a protector with this one. No issues at all with allergies so far.

The back comfort: Like I said in my original review, the feel of this bed is really good and supportive to my back like my last latex bed. It's also really important that in a almost a year now the mattress has not gotten any softer or changed feel in any way. that being said this mattress might not be for everyone as it is o the firm side. I mean I slept on my side all my life but I also like firm mattresses so its really up to your preference. Also the side is not as strong as I would have loved it to be but that's not really a big deal.

Customer service: after the initial purchase I really didn't have much contact with the customer service (because I didn't need anything) but they did call me on the 90th day to see if I was OK with the bed and I said I'm fine. I did however call them after a few months and asked them if they had pillows that would go with this mattress as my latex pillows were really old. They said that they actually do have an organic cotton and latex pillow that goes with this mattress and it comes in firmor soft feel but it is still not on the website. I bought the soft one over the phone first and ended up returning it for the firmer one. If you sleep on your side you should get the firmer one also. (been using them now for 2 months and they're good).

OVERALL: If you're thinking of getting this bed, I would say go for it. the feel, greenness, comfort, cover, and even customer service are all great. I told my friend Anne about this bed and she got it too after I told her you can return it if you don't like it. she has had it not for a couple of weeks and she like sit too so I say go for it.-Chad R

Safe for me and my baby

Buy it. I hemmed and hawed about it for a year. My old mattress was probably 15 years old and about as bad as a mattress can get. I finally bought this when I was 8 months pregnant and couldn't take the back pain and how uncomfortable I was at night. We slept on it the first night. During pregnancy it gave me just the support I needed and now she's 7 weeks old and -get this- people are always commenting on how rested I look! Even when I only get 4 hours of sleep I feel well rested. This mattress is so comfortable and supportive and it absorbs all movements from your partner so I don't feel him roll or get up. And my husband has stopped snoring. Buy the mattress. What really made me get it is how safe it is for babies and since I had allergies I didn't want to risk getting a cheap unhealthy bed for my baby. -Ember