Rent-A-Center in GARDEN CTY

Rent-A-Center Contact Info:

Store: Rent-A-Center
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 109 Minus Ave B5, Garden City, GA 31408, USA
Phone: +1 912-964-5209
Zipcode: 31405
States: Georgia
Open Time: Thursday 10AM–7PM
Friday 10AM–7PM
Saturday 9AM–6PM
Sunday Closed
Monday (Labor Day) 10AM–7PM Hours might differ
Tuesday 10AM–7PM
Wednesday 10AM–7PM

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Helix Nightfall Hybrid Mattress Review

Best sleep in a long time

The return policy of Helix made this a relatively risk free test. I will admit it took a couple nights to get used to. Our old pillow top mattress was in much worse shape than we thought. First the back pain went away and the better quality sleep came with it. My wife found this mattress perfect. I found it just slightly to stiff. After contacting Helix customer support they sent a topper to adjust the firmness. This made the mattresses absolutely perfect. I still don’t get as much sleep as I should die to reasons not involving the mattress. The sleep I do get though is soo much better though that it almost makes up for it. I have no regrets of purchasing this mattress except that I should have done it sooner. —Patrick k

soft yet supportive

This matters is a great before i was waking up with a sore back and couldnt move now i get better sleep and don’t wake up sore i read a lot of review and have never tried a ship to home in box matters only complaint i have is the smell you for sure want to let it out a few day i tried sleep on it the first few night where so bad i couldn’t sleep and started coughing so for sure air out the bed the smells gone now and is a Great balance between soft and supportive. I'm a pretty big guy I’m 230 lbs and 5 foot 7 in its nice to find a mattress that can hold up and support me. —Todd B