RV Sales in Moriarty, NM in MORIARTY

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Store: RV Sales in Moriarty, NM
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 2109 Rte 66, Moriarty, NM 87035, USA
Phone: +1 505-832-2400
Website: rvsalesnm.com
Zipcode: 87035
States: New mexico
Open Time:

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Luxi 3-in-1 Adjustable Foam Mattress Review

Best options and top customer care

Purchasing a mattress from Luxi was a great decision for my husband and me. We have significant differences in our height, weight, and overall sleeping preferences. Luxi is the only option we found that enabled us to keep our queen bed with one mattress and yet meet our unique needs. As far as customer service, the staff at Luxi delivered on their promise to maximize comfort, even when it meant replacing one layer of my side with a "softer" option. My husband is enjoying his side of the bed with the firmest option. The staff was responsive in a timely manner, particularly by e-mail. They worked together "beyond the call of duty" to assist me in attaining a specialized invoice that I needed! —Grace

Stands the Test of Time

I bought my twin Luxi probably close to 3 years ago. After several months, I messaged you through Facebook with a suggestion that a stretchier mattress cover would benefit soft sleepers like me. It turns out that you were already on the case, and sent me an updated cover for my Luxi for free! You asked me to let you know if I felt a difference. That was about two years ago. I'm finally getting around to telling you that it DOES make a difference, and I love my bed! My hips and shoulders are significantly wider than my waist, and I'm a side sleeper. I need my wide bits to sink in to the mattress without wrecking the support for the middle of my back. Add to that my tendency to night-sweats and you have a serious mattress challenge. The "mushrooms" in the Luxi are perfect for both the variable support and air circulation that I need. I discovered right away that I needed them topside to make a difference, perhaps because I'm not a very heavy person by American standards. Even so arranged and with the improved cover, I still don't feel like the Luxi is a "soft" mattress, but it functions like one where I need it to, and I've been getting the best sleep of my adult life. I've recommended Luxi to friends. They love it too. Maybe someday I'll need a bigger Luxi, but until then this little bed is my favorite place in my lovely new home. —Caren Pita