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Store: Save Big Mattress
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 3383 Lawrenceville Hwy, Tucker, GA 30084, USA
Phone: +1 770-437-0300
Zipcode: 72168
States: Arkansas
Open Time: Saturday 11AM–6PM
Sunday 12–6PM
Monday 11AM–6PM
Tuesday 12–6PM
Wednesday 11AM–6PM
Thursday 11AM–6PM
Friday 11AM–6PM

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Flobedes Latex Mattress Review

I loved it right away!

I bought a Deluxe 12 “ queen-size, medium firm mattress, 2 Talalay pillows (high loft), the Dormeir Wool Mattress protector, and the slat foundation.

I got a notice that UPS would deliver on a particular day (about 18 days after I placed my order), so I was watching for the UPS truck. Good thing, because I saw that the driver was unloading them onto my driveway in front of the garage door instead of bringing them to the front door. I stopped him and asked that he put them in my foyer. He did. From there I was able to easily slide them across the hard floors to the master bedroom. Box #1 of 6 is clearly marked as containing the instructions. It took me about 2 hours to move the boxes and put everything together myself. I’m a 75-year-old widow not used to assembling large items. However, I found that the foundation was an engineering masterpiece. Every hole matched perfectly and no tools were required. I just had to turn the wing nuts by hand and screw on the legs. I kept referring to the instructions and even called Flobeds a couple times to confirm that I was doing the right thing when I got to the mattress assembly part. I think it was Dewey that I talked to. He was so helpful with that and at the time I placed my order. (The problem when I was assembling the mattress was that I was missing a Medium mattress layer, because Box #6 of 6 hadn’t been delivered yet But UPS brought it on a different truck later in the evening.) I found that it was helpful to refer to the Build Instructions which were included with my original receipt.

I slept on my new bed that night and loved it! I thought there would be an adjustment period to get used to my new bed. However, it was so comfortable right from the start. In my research before I ordered, I tried many mattresses, including memory foam, and read at least 200 reviews for various types. This latex foam was a little pricier than some others, but I’d do it again. So worth it! I would definitely order another mattress from Flobeds and would recommend it to others. -Linda P

Still the best bed

I purchased a FLOBED with my former spouse, and it went with him when we split up. I lived without a FLOBED for a number of years, even tried the cheaper Casper (bleh). Finally was able to afford a FLOBED of my own. It’s still the same great sleep. I’m so happy to be able to not get tipped to the center of the bed when my partner rolls over toward the middle of the bed, because of the separate inner sections. I also like that you can adjust the firmness of the mattress.

Customer service is variable: whomever I talked to when I needed to add to the order seemed in a great hurry to get off the phone and didn’t have time to answer many questions. However, everything in the orders was correct. If you’re wavering on FLOBED, I advise you to go ahead. This bed is worth the money.-Tanya L

Best bed ever

My parents got a v-zone bed years ago, they love it. I was waking up with a sore back everyday. You could see my old mattress was sunk down in the middle. I always had to shove a pillow behind me when I was on my side to help support my back. I really wanted a soft bed though. Dewey is great and assured me that the mattress would be soft enough. I went ahead and ordered the soft v-zone mattress. It was not easy assembling this myself (Cal King), but it is doable. It would be much easier with two people. Needless to say, I LOVE IT! It does feel soft AND gives support. I no longer need the pillow behind my back. I do not wake up hot and sweaty like with my old mattress. My back no longer hurts when I wake up. I notice that I do not toss and turn as much. This bed is great (Plus all natural!) and the customer service is excellent. -Leslie W