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Store: Sleep Cycle Mattress
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 22529 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505, USA
Phone: +1 310-504-0576
Zipcode: 90004
States: California
Open Time: Sunday 11AM–8PM
Monday 10AM–8PM
Tuesday 10AM–8PM
Wednesday 10AM–8PM
Thursday 10AM–8PM
Friday 10AM–8PM
Saturday 10AM–8PM





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Polysleep Memory Foam Mattress Review

Comfortable sleep

My experience has been fantastic. From the customer call center to the delivery of the bed. The mistake I made was that we wanted to just use the mattress without a boxspring but the mattress really needed a box spring just the metal support is not enough. They sell a BOX FOR 279$/double but we decided to get the ikea without any assemble work. Was not worth my time. We received two pillows with our purchase. It was a spacial. They are fantastic. Worth their price. -Nadia V


I was sceptical about ordering a mattress online. Would like the firmness? Is it actually going to last? What would it be like sitting/moving/sleeping on it? Would I sink in and be stuck there especially with sore muscles after the gym? Or would the sides cave in and send me tumbling to the floor if I rolled too close to the edges? So i did a lot of research. And honestly I am so glad I decided to take a chance since it was risk free and buy the mattress!It’s an upgraded size from my previous one, it’s so comfortable and I find my limbs don’t fall asleep is I lay a certain way on it. All of my concerning were easily debunked my first few nights using this mattress. I will highly recommend it to anyone looking for a mattress! You won’t be dissatisfied.-Amber C

A complete change to my life

This mattress is life changing! On our old mattress my fiance and I were tossing and turning constantly and i would get a very sore back after a night’s sleep. He prefers a firm mattress and I prefer one that is less form. After many sleepless nights and my constant complaining we decided to get a polysleep because of the great price. We both can’t believe the difference!We both sleep better and it is so comfortable for both of us. It was so easy to unpack and there was no strong chemical odor that you hear about with some foam mattresses. The slight odor that was present when we first unpacked it was gone in a day. I would highly recommend this mattress. -Alyshs.M