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Reverie Dream Supreme II Natural Latex Mattress Review

Incredible Customization!

I purchased a California King (split) back in early 2017 and I was worried my wife would not like it. We tried it out, and the first night was difficult for my wife; we would give it a few days to adjust to it. It still was not comfortable for her, so we opened the mattresses up and started re-arranging the support. Once she figured out what she needed (complained there was not enough support at the shoulders, too stiff in the rear, etc.) she has slept better for the last year than she had anywhere previous. She complains on trips and overnights in other (fancy) hotels, waiting to get back to "her" bed. In the end, it was one of the best purchases I made, and I was a bit worried she would be upset at the price tag; however, with the great financing terms (0%) and the customizing of the system, she was sold on it. The lights underneath, the (added on) bluetooth speakers are all icing on the cake. I highly recommend the Reverie Sleep System. -Brian D

Remarkably comfortable

My previous bed was a Tempur, It is now in the garbage. This bed is a game changer. My first night was the best sleep that I have had in years. Zero back pain and woke up refreshed and ready to take on the world! Automatic mode has the perfect amount of response.We have had our bed, actually beds, two extended twin beds for many months. I sleep flat, but use the adjustable bed to read or watch tv. My husband raises his head at night. We often use the vibration for comfort and the nightlight for safety. It is remarkably comfortable. I did rearrange the insides of the bed to give more support at some points and more softness at others. It was quite fun and quick to do. Love it-Barb

Morning Coffee & Great Sleep

We received our Reverie Dream Supreme™ II Natural Sleep System with Dream Supreme II Natural Mattress and 9T™ Adjustable Base in January 2017. After 17 months of use, we can easily state that it was a very justifiable purchase! The "Zero Gravity" setting (think astronaut couch), is perfect for chronically achy shoulders. Since mattress firmness is infinitely adjustable, we are both VERY comfortable. We have a 30+ year habit of starting the day with our first cup of coffee in bed. In our old conventional bed, that used to include the chore of propping up multiple pillows. Now we just tap our "Coffee Drinking Mode" setting on the remote control (just one of our custom settings) and we're good to go! Finally, our 9T™ Adjustable Base has adjustable under-frame lighting. We love it!!! -Jeff P