The Right Mattress for Special Groups

Who doesn’t want a good night’s sleep? Selecting which kind of mattress to buy can be quite challenging for many people and it’s just a part of the story. However, if you are looking for a mattress for a specific group i.e. elderly people, pregnant women or toddlers, you will have to take some other key factors into consideration as well. You need a mattress that you will be happy with for a significant time.

Choosing a mattress that is perfect for a special group is not an easy task. The choice of beds can vary to people of different age groups. From trying out a mattress to buying (ensuring that it’s right for you), to what you should look for in a mattress if buying, we will explain everything you need to know about getting the right mattress for special groups.

Ensure the Comfort of Special Groups

Whether you live with your elderly parents, pregnant wife or a toddler, the first thing that comes in your mind is the comfort and ease.

Hence, for ensuring their comfort and well-being, the mattress brands you are considering must be trusted and reliable. Before coming to a final decision, you should do your research and find out which kind of mattress would be a perfect choice for your baby, aged individual or pregnant wife. In addition to this, people are often confused about buying online or from a store. Buying it online can be cheap and convenient, but the best way is to try the mattress before buying. Someone you love will be sleeping on that mattress for years, so you should make the right choice.

While selecting the mattress for elderly people or pregnant women, sit on the edge and check if its firm. You don’t want to buy a saggy mattress for them, do you? – Of course, it’s the worst choice for special groups.

What to choose?

There are several kinds of mattresses out there. While picking for a specific group, you can easily get confused! The most common kinds of mattresses recommended for pregnant women, babies and elderly people are latex foam, traditional innerspring, hybrids and air mattresses. Ideal is to familiarize yourself with each kind and see what’s the perfect fit for the special group that you are looking for.

For Elderly People-Innerspring mattresses

These mattresses are the most popular choice for old age group, and usually the least expensive. Elderly people need a mattress that can provide great back support and an extensive range of firm measurements and are very comfortable- Innerspring is the best choice. It is perfect for elderly people as it provides a firm support, preventing backache and body pain.

Karma Peace Innerspring Mattress Karma Peace Innerspring Mattress Highlights
"A blending of durable coil system with quality foams and fabrics"
FirmnessExtra Soft/2, Soft/3,Firm/7
Type Pocketed coils
CompatibleTwin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, King, Queen, Cal King
Warranty10 years
DeliveryFree shipping and returns
PerfectBack, Side sleeper

For Pregnant Women-Latex Foam Mattresses

These are famous for pregnant women. As compared to other mattresses, latex mattresses are relatively more elastic and flexible. Offering more generalized benefits for pregnant women, it is more bouncy, comfortable and relaxing.

Latex foam is perfect for pregnant women because they don’t like the warm feeling of foam mattresses. Latex foam mattresses come in synthetic, natural and blended varieties; so you can pick your type as per your requirements.

Organics Hatha Latex Mattress Organics Hatha Latex Mattress Highlights
"Polyurethane-free item eliminating the off-gassing"
FirmnessMedium Soft/5
CompatibleTwin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, King, Queen, Cal King
Warranty10 years
DeliveryFree shipping and returns
PerfectStomach, Back sleeper

For Babies-Air mattress

Air mattresses are perfect for toddlers and infants. Babies are sometimes very picky about their beds. Therefore, the best thing about air mattresses is that you can customize the firmness of the mattress just the way your little one likes it. You are in control of the level of firmness and you can adjust it according to your toddler.

ReST Bed Smart Airbed Mattress ReST Bed Smart Airbed Mattress Highlights
"CES highly honored technology solution for better sleep and recovery"
TypeGel Memory Foam
CompatibleTwin XL, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Queen Split Top, King Split Top, Cal King Split Top
Trial90 nights
Warranty10 years
DeliveryFree shipping and returns
PerfectSide, Back, Stomach sleeper

For Other Special Groups-Hybrid mattress

Your loved ones deserve extra care. To ensure their well-being, you must choose the best. Be it children, pregnant women, old aged individuals or other special groups, hybrid mattress is suitable for all of them. Having springs with an overlay of foam, it consists of the best innerspring models and foam. Hybrid mattresses can either have memory foam or latex foam and are suitable for people of all age groups because requring extra comfort and relaxation.

Diamond Sleep Transformation Hybrid Mattress Diamond Sleep Transformation Hybrid Mattress Highlights
"Micro-Coil System provides targeted pressure relief for better posture and spinal alignment"
Brand:Diamond Sheep
FirmnessFirm/8, Medium Soft/5, Soft/3
TypeFoam and Micro coils
CompatibleTwin, Twin XL, Full King, Queen,California King
Trial120 nights
DeliveryFree shipping and returns
PerfectSide, Back, Stomach sleeper

The Final Say

While buying a mattress for a special group, you should not always consider a mattress that is cheap, but go for the one that can maintain good health and positive mood of your loved ones. Focusing on providing a comfortable and relaxing space to your loved ones, buy a mattress that fits perfectly to their needs.

People you care about will spend around a third of their time on that mattress, ensure that you make those hours count for them. Want them to wake up feeling fresh and great? A perfect mattress can help.