University of Kentucky College of Law in UNIVERSITY OF KY

University of Kentucky College of Law Contact Info:

Store: University of Kentucky College of Law
Origin: Made in USA
Address: Law Bldg, 620 S Limestone, Lexington, KY 40508, USA
Located in: University of Kentucky
Phone: +1 859-257-1678
Zipcode: 40506
States: Kentucky
Open Time:

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Parachute Hybrid Mattress Review

Would not have believed it

I was seriously doubting. I'm the "furniture researcher" in our household, so I did quite a bit of looking around before settling on this. A big part of my decision was the 90 day try out period. Also, when I called (twice, just in case) and spoke with the customer service reps, they answered quickly, really knew their stuff, didn't try to up-sell me, and made me comfortable with my decision either way. This was, for us, a really expensive purchase, and I will confess that I doubted the reviews - and the magazine articles I found about it. But the "white glove service" was really that, the delivery company was on time and called ahead as promised, the Parachute rep I spoke with about adjusting the delivery date (we were moving) was helpful, and all in all this was a very easy, non-stressful experience. Now. The mattress. Unbelievably great. This will sound weird, but my wife and I both feel like there's no mattress when we lay down, and when we wake up. Just... comfort. With every other mattress we've had, throughout both our lives, there was always the sense of something under you that was too hot/cold, too lumpy/hard, too... intrusive would be the word.This mattress is so non-intrusive, it's like it doesn't even exist. How crazy is that?!!-Janis I

This is manna for the foam victim

After 6 years with a foam mattress we finally couldn't take it anymore. We hesitantly made this purchase after much review. This was our first Parachute product, after all. We have been blown away. It takes a few days of adjusting as our bodies are not used to flat surfaces after the foam misfortune. But each night we race to bed. Couldn't be happier with the purchase. P.S. we purchased the feather bed topper from parachute and it is the perfect combination of refreshing and snug. -Joseph C


I had inherited a mattress from my parents that I've been using for the past 12 years (!!) and figured it was time for a new one! I love my Parachute linen sheets, and after looking at all of the products in person in the Soho store, I had a feeling this mattress would be worth the money -- and wow, it really is. It's the most comfortable thing EVER! Cannot recommend it enough. My parents stayed over and had the same reaction. It's just fantastic.-Kathryn I