Winner Furniture (Customer Pickups) in SHIVELY

Winner Furniture (Customer Pickups) Contact Info:

Store: Winner Furniture (Customer Pickups)
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 3900 Cane Run Rd, Louisville, KY 40211, USA
Phone: +1 502-774-8800
Zipcode: 25508
States: West Virginia
Open Time: Thursday 9AM–4:30PM
Friday 9AM–4:30PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–4:30PM
Tuesday 9AM–4:30PM
Wednesday 9AM–4:30PM

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Rivet Latex and Foam Hybrid Mattress Review

Comfortable and good value

Ordered queen size for $399 on Nov 16 received on Nov 20. According to the delivery guys the weight of the box was just over 80 lbs. Well packed and packaging was still intact upon delivery. I could lift it myself using the handle grip holes on either side of the box but would be easier with 2 people. Got it out of the box, put it on the foundation, started unwrapping it and it started quickly unrolling the rest of way by itself. Gave it a few hours to finish inflating. No smell to it. Slept on it that night. Would say it’s medium firm. I’m a side sleeper, 6’3” and 195 lbs, wife is a back sleeper 5’5” 135. We both thought it was comfortable. Didn’t sleep too hot or cool. Good purchase. -Karl B

Check it out before you go more expensive

The box was heavy, but I managed to get upstairs, unpack and unroll on my own. Wouldn’t recommend doing that unless you are as impatient as me. Was a little worried that the bed height seemed low, but it filled out after an hour or so. The bed is great. My wife and I both experience deeper sleep. I’ve been having dreams like I haven’t had in years. The bed is nice that you are less disturbed by movement in the bed given the foam. It has a slight firm feel. We were a bit apprehensive that it would be a cheap Casper, but we are very happy with it. Love it-Weston

NOT HARD, Quite comfy actually

I don't know where people have been sleeping if they think this mattress is hard. It is firm, meaning it does not sag under my nearly 200lbs. But it is also soft, luxurious & plush. I've slept on it for over a month now and I find it better than my expensive pillowtop that was sagging. Great price, great value, I'm happy and I sleep well on it. -Heinrich