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Store: Advanced Wound Systems LLC
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 1120 Pinellas Bayway S # 200, Tierra Verde, FL 33715, USA
Phone: +1 727-867-5480
Zipcode: 34250
States: Florida
Open Time:

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Serta iComfort Blue Fusion 200 Plush Hybrid Mattress Review

No more tossing and turning

I was a bit skeptical when this bed arrived and I saw that it was a Firm bed because I am use to my bed being super soft but I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is. I was most happy because my husband was sleeping better at night, not tossing and turning all night. He said his body didn't ache in the morning like is had before with our old bed. I think my favorite part was that because he gets up in the early hours of the morning to get ready for work and sits on the edge of the bed to dress I didn't even feel it,before I felt every little movement. I think I am converted to a Firm bed buyer from now on I'm sleeping better.—Bvickrey. Stockton, Ca

Amazing Mattress, very comfortable, excellent build quality

When I first took the mattress out of the plastic, the feel of the bed was super soft. After getting it set up on the frame, before I even put sheets on it I laid down. The mattress was wonderful, I felt myself actually being happy in a mattress. I didn't use Serta prior to this and I will never use another brand again. The Plush is exactly as it says, it isn't too soft that it leaves you feeling like you are sinking, as well as not too firm where you feel like your back is aching. It conforms to your curves perfect, while giving you extra cushion to lay on. It is like sleeping on the clouds! The mattress doesn't feel springy, I even pushed down hard to make sure after the mattress sets it wont feel that way. This mattress sits at a perfect height (I'm 5'11) to where when I kick my legs off the bed in the morning, my toes hit the floor). It also has that wonderful crawl into bed feeling. The mattress speaks for itself. The only thing I can say, for a shorter person, like my wife, your feet will hang due to the bed being thick (Which is a good thing because the construction of the bed is well done. If you are looking for a plush mattress then I have to say after a week of sleeping on this one, I am sold. It is worth every penny spent. TLDR: Mattress is plush. Not too firm, not too soft. Gives to curves and provides extra comfort for those looking for something in between. I highly recommend this mattress to anyone that enjoys a soft bed. This is Bar None the best bed out there. —Jg93. Pittsburgh, Pa