Classic Brands Vibe Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Perfect Mattress!

First impressions:
Pros:It is a full 12 inches; It did NOT have an odor; I was able to sleep on it the first night
It is very comfortable, not a hard mattress at all not too soft. It doesn’t get hot.
Package was destroyed
It’s a little difficult to sit up for long periods of time as you sink into it
Getting out of bed takes some getting used to.
In the first month, I thought this mattress didn’t keep its memory foam shape and I had an indentation in the mattress where I sleep. It even caused me pain because it felt like its support has lessened.
Then I have changed my 4 star rating to a 5 star rating. I realized that part of the problem with softness was actually my box springs. I am in love with this mattress so much. I just purchased a 2nd queen size mattress. The queen arrived with packaging intact this time. It’s the perfect firmness. Not too soft, not to hard. Just right. I was really excited about this mattress. It arrived with the packaging completely destroyed. Which seems to be a common theme reading the other reviews. Quite honestly, if actually made it getting out of the box a little easier.-NR

You get what you pay for

I’ll start by saying that this is my very first memory foam mattress i’ve ever owned – now given the price, i didn’t expect this would have me completely floored thinking this is the greatest steal of all time. The package arrived pretty banged up, but the mattress intself was double wrapped and i didn’t see any sort of damage to the mattress itself. I let the mattress air out for two days and unless i completely suck at using a measuring tape, I’m only reading 11 inches. The first night i slept on it i got a decent amount of sleep, although i will say it’s a pain getting out of the bed as it really sucks you in – again, this is my first time using a memory foam and reading other reviews for other mattresses this is a common theme. If i get near the edges my body slowly but surely starts sliding off, but once i move towards the center its actually pretty firm. I’m a weightlifter at 240 lbs and i get really hot in general throughout the day. The first night i didn’t feel any hot spots but last night i felt them. I was definitely skeptical picking up the mattress as it seems it’s brand spanking new without many reviews. I’ll update this within a month and see how it’s holding up.
Took the bed about a week to reach the 12 inches as advertised, from the date of my initial review. The bed is incredibly comfortable, and as the weather has cooled down, the bed’s form has seemed to improve. I don’t regret my purchase. I’ll definitely recommend it to others.-Kenny