Douglas Memory Foam Mattress Review

I love my bed!

I have had a better quality sleep from the very first night with my Douglas bed! It’s firm without being hard, my back problems pretty much disappeared the first night. My two small dogs love it too!-PATRICIA H

A Fabulous Mattress and Pillow

I’ve had my Douglas mattress and pillow for about a month now. I’m sleeping so much better and waking up less. Much less neck and back pain. I love the firmness and that there isn’t any movement in the mattress when my husband rolls over or gets out of bed.
The whole process of ordering the bed was so straightforward and easy. I ordered it online and the next day it was delivered. My pillow arrived the day after my mattress. Set up was even easier!
I love that the mattress is completely Canadian made with eco friendly and non-toxic materials. It was one of the main reasons I decided to buy a Douglas mattress over other brands of similar mattresses.-MICHELLE L

So glad we took the plunge!

We won’t go back to springs and I knew I wanted to try a bed in a box. I did a ton of research – I hate feeling ripped off – and finally decided on the Douglas. We like that it is Canadian made (the tempurpedics made who knows where have all off gassed for weeks after our purchases) with good quality products and everything is certified. The price point is great and we like firmer mattresses. I ordered it on a Sunday and had it by Wednesday. We unpacked it and put it on the floor. You can sleep on it after 5 minutes but we thought we’d give it 24 hrs. That night I didn’t know where our dog went, so I found him laying on the new mattress! I grabbed a pillow and blanket and slept on the new Douglas. No word of a lie, it was the best sleep I’ve had. I have a thing for smells and I could only smell the mattress for 2 days. In my opinion, it’s the perfect mattress for us. We’re 6’4” 265 and 5’8” (no I’m not telling you my weight!!) and have a 96 lb dog who sleeps with us. I often sit on the edge of the bed trying to wake up lol and I have no complaints that the edge feels too soft. We love the new bed so much that we ordered 2 Douglas pillows. They came a couple days later and we love them too. I wasn’t sure about the shredded foam inside because I thought the feel might be weird but it’s not. There’s a nice white padded exterior that feels crisp, like fancy hotel linens. Inside that is a bag filled with the shredded foam. Personally for myself I’d like a bit more, but when I emailed Douglas I was told they don’t sell extra stuffing. I just keep fluffing it up. The pillow smelled for about a week but all good now! So… we love the firm mattress and use a waterproof mattress protector from Amazon out of habit and it doesn’t affect the sleep quality or feel of the mattress. We love our new mattress and pillows and highly recommend it. And with the sleep guarantee what do you have to lose!-JANE C